After lunch we had a little rest in our cabin, but it’s an inside cabin and the view outside I s stunning so we relocated to the bar on the rear deck where we had hot chocolate and read a while. It was beautiful but it was also chilly so we eventually came inside to […]

Flaam We opted for room service again for breakfast as I wanted to be off early. Yesterday they had left a family behind in Stavanger so I was a little nervous about our plans for the day, but I needn’t have been. P & O offered an excursion on the Flaam railway and we had […]

We had breakfast in our room this morning which worked well as we ate while we were getting ready. We wanted to get off the ship early and be back on early. We went up on deck while we waited to dock and were surprised by how warm it was. After yesterday we had sweatshirts […]

I’ve been looking forward to a lie in today all week. A dark inside cabin and nowhere to go so a good long lie in seemed ideal. So of course, I woke up at 6am. Although we have moved onto Norwegian time so it was 7. Everyone else slept,so I read my book for a […]

We met Molly back at the room and got changed for dinner. We have Freedom dining and headed down to eat at 8pm. Unfortunately it was very busy and we were given a pager and told it would be a 30 minute wait. We went to the atrium for a drink, the atrium was full […]

We started the day back at the Beefeater for possibly the worst cooked breakfast I’ve ever had. It was cold and greasy and it took three attempts to get a hot cup of coffee. Breakfast over we packed the car and headed to a Tesco Superstore for some snacks. The Super store was very small […]

We are off on a different sort of adventure this year. The first change is that there are only three of us as Katie is spending the summer in the USA working at summer camp. And secondly. No Disney! It’s my 50th and I decided I wanted to try a Norwegian cruise instead. I’ve fancied […]