We actually set an alarm. The holiday is really over. :(. We get everything packed up and ring Bell Services to hold the cases for us and catch the bus to Animal Kingdom. We have an fastpass that we don't want to miss. We get to the park and Phil gets stuck at the turnstile. […]

We had had a poor view of the fireworks earlier in the trip so we decided to go to Magic Kingdom just for the fireworks. We got the bus from Kidani. It takes about 20 minutes and we had to stand. Every time we have caught a bus to or from Kidani we have had […]

So, today is our last full day,  and I really wanted to try the breakfast at Saana that we missed yesterday,  so I made everyone get up and dressed by 9:30 so we could get down to breakfast before it closed.  It was worth making the effort,  as it was really good.   This is a […]

We slept in and missed breakfast at Saana which I was a bit disappointed about,  but we eventually made it out of the door and were on our way to Magic Kingdom.    My friend from University was in Disney for just 1 day (they are going on a cruise tomorrow) and we were meeting up […]

Today we are moving to Animal Kingdom – Kidani.   Way back when I booked this,  I had booked 2 seperate weeks at the Boardwalk, with a gap in the middle,  but sometime later we decided we’d prefer to have the time away from WDW at the end,   and then much later we moved it to […]

Or the day we sat in traffic. Typhoon lagoon is the plan and my only concern is a sun lounger in the shade. I'm happy enough at a water park if I can read in the shade but if I'm in the full sun I get too hot. We leave at 9 to get the […]

We have a bit of a lie in again today,   we have reached the point in the holiday where we would rather sleep in and go out late, than get up early.      We only have a few days left so we take a look at the plan and decide we want to shift a few […]