Whenever I’ve looked at a cruise I’ve never been to keen on a sea day. What would we do? Wouldn’t it be boring? Well today we couldn’t fit everything in… We started with a late start, which was just what we needed. We slept in and didn’t head up to breakfast until about 10am. It […]

◦ Our original plan was to go for breakfast and then disembark but in the morning I decided it was best to get off the ship early. So we were up and off the ship quite early. We had to get a shuttle bus out of the port, which only took about 3 minutes. ◦ […]

So we were soaking wet and cold when we got back so we went to our cabin and dried off and had a rest. After a while we wanted something to eat, we went to the Main restaurant but we weren’t really wanting a big meal, The buffet was heaving so we ended up at […]

It’s my birthday so we started the day with presents and breakfast in the room We had an excursion booked this morning for the Briksdal Glacier. I’d been talking to a friend last night who had said the walk was quite strenuous and to try and book a troll car but they were sold out, […]

After lunch we had a little rest in our cabin, but it’s an inside cabin and the view outside I s stunning so we relocated to the bar on the rear deck where we had hot chocolate and read a while. It was beautiful but it was also chilly so we eventually came inside to […]

Flaam We opted for room service again for breakfast as I wanted to be off early. Yesterday they had left a family behind in Stavanger so I was a little nervous about our plans for the day, but I needn’t have been. P & O offered an excursion on the Flaam railway and we had […]

We had breakfast in our room this morning which worked well as we ate while we were getting ready. We wanted to get off the ship early and be back on early. We went up on deck while we waited to dock and were surprised by how warm it was. After yesterday we had sweatshirts […]