2002: Cinderella’s Royal Table


Woke up early as we had an important date with Cinderella!  We left home about 8:30 and were crossing into WDW at 8:45, but it was after 9.30 by the time we made it to the Castle.  This was due to the car park, tram, ferry, security, and then I couldn’t get my ticket to work.  The 10 day passes require a finger scan, and we hadn’t written our names on the tickets so we didn’t know whose ticket was whose – consequently the finger scans didn’t match.  Fortunately the CM took pity on us and let us in anyway.  Janice and family were waiting and we were shown into the waiting room.  We waited to see the Fairy Godmother, but before we had a chance they were calling the ‘Royal Stephenson’ party, and we went upstairs, and were shown to our Royal Table.
The food was yummy, although none of the famous cream cheese French toast.  We met Cinderella, Snow White – who made  a big fuss of ‘little Snow White’, as Katie was wearing her Snow White dress.

DSCF0071 1 snowwhite

We also met Princess Jasmine and Belle.  All took loads of time to talk to Katie and say hi to Jamie and Matt (who were too cool to have photo’s with the princesses).  After breakfast we went downstairs and said goodbye to Janice and family.  It had been really nice meeting them,  and it’s a shame that we didn’t bump into them again on our trip.

We waited to see the Fairy Godmother, and it was a fairly long wait, but it was worth it.  She had a lovely long chat with each child,  and was very amused that Katie was on her way to ‘Epricot’ for the afternoon.  She gave Katie some pixie dust, and we had some photo’s taken.  All in all it was a magical morning.

DSCF0076 1

Katie’s best moment:  Snow White looked at her dress (in surprise that they matched), and then called me ‘little Snow White’.

After breakfast, we were heading to Epcot, but as we passed the Castle the new show was starting, so we stayed to watch that.  This was a great show with good triumphing over evil.  Katie was a little concerned about the baddies but she was brave!.

We left the park and took the monorail to the TTC.  We got to ride in the front of the monorail with the driver.  At the TTC, another monorail to Epcot,  but this time in normal seats.  I managed to operate the finger machine this time.

We go straight onto Spaceship Earth with no queues – we really love this ride and whenever we pass we take a ride.
Katie says she wants to see the dinosaur, so we head around to Ellen’s Energy Adventure, but just before we are about to go in we realise that she means Figment, not the real Dinosaurs – Phew, that was a close call – she would not have enjoyed Ellens!

We try the Wonders of Life for the 1st time.  Katie enjoys the exhibits in the hall and Phil tries Body Wars.  After a snack at Pure and Simple, we walk over to Imagination – I stare longingly at Test Track, but not today.

Figment is back!
The new ride is excellent – Figment is everywhere, and it’s really good fun.  Some elements are the same – the train in the dark, and the disappearing butterfly,  but the format is much more fun- we are really impressed.

After Figment, we get a boat to Morocco.   We are hungry and had planned on eating in the Japan pavilion for Tappanyaki at 6:30, but it’s only 3pm and we want to eat now.  We go in and ask and they can seat us straight away, so we are seated along with 2 other parties.  The meal is superb,  the chef is fun, the food is plentiful and delicious,  even the kids meal is cooked on the grill but is plain enough for Katie to eat.  The best bit is the bill,  only $30 which is a real bargain considering the amount of food we ate – we gave it 5 stars.

After dinner we look around the Japanese store.  Phil wanted to buy Katie an origami book, but she was being very naughty so we left without the book.
We wandered slowly towards Mexico, not really browsing,  just a wander through China,  and we decided to go on the Mexican ride – El Rio del Tiempo.  As we entered the temple we were stunned,  the market area is beautiful,  how did we miss this last year?  We look around all the shops and stalls, and then try the ride- no lines at all. This ride is so tacky!  It is 1970’s tourist board videos combined with It’s a Small World style dolls – of course Katie loved it.

It’s getting late now, and we decide not to wait for the parade, so we head out of the park.

As we are walking out, Katie sees a fountain so with a little encouragement she goes to play in it.   Initially she is quite tentative and stays pretty dry, but eventually she is absolutely drenched – not to worry,  we have a change of clothes, and they are conveniently (!. selling towels nearby.  Funnily enough, they were doing a brisk trade in towels.


Back out to the monorail to the ttc and home by 7.30.

By 8:30 I am falling asleep so I climb into bed – what a wild bunch we are!

Tuesday.  No Disney pass today.

This is a Seaworld day, but we want to see the late shows at Seaworld, so we decide not to arrive until 7pm.  We start at Walmart, where I get my haircut – not the best haircut I’ve ever had, but my hair was so hot that I had to get it cut.  Next, Downtown Disney,  we decide to have lunch at Captain Jacks – This is quite nice, but it seems quite pricey compared to Japan.
We have Clam Chowder to start, then Shrimp Caesar Salad for me, and a Crab sandwich for Phil and a kids meal for Katie and it was about $50.

After some serious shopping, we have dessert at Ghirardellis – Yum Yum – I have a chocolate malt – very nice!  Phile has a sundae, and Katie had a ‘small’ cone which was huge.

We walked back to the car, and I stopped in 40 Thirst St café to use the internet.  I had forgotten some important scrapbooking info – the phone number of a person I had bought some stuff off,  so I had to check her website, and also say hi to the Dibb.

After DTD, I wanted to find a scrapbooking store – I had a map and an address so off we went.  It was in Orlando city,  so quite far from Disney,  but we find the exit and drive around for ages.  We stop for directions,  drive some more,  turn around, try again, and eventually we give up  and go to a different store which is slightly easier to find. (We eventually find the first store later in the week, and it is miles away from the dot on my map,  so we would have been looking for a long time)
Phil and Katie waited in the car, while I was set loose in the scrapbooking store.

By now it’s 6:30,  so we head back to Seaworld.  We get to Seaworld as everyone is leaving, so we get to park nice and close.  In fact, parking was free as the attendants had left for the day.
We had a sandwich, and headed into the Clyde and Seamore show – this is superb – the sealions are amazingly well trained, and the show is very funny,  especially when the very large Walrus pooped in the pool during the Grand Finale!   ‘remember, do not put your hands in the water’ Yuck!

Right after the show, it’s time for Shamu Rocks,  so we head over there, and another superb show.  Great Music, lots of fun, and some great jumps from the whales.

Finally,  it’s time for the fireworks.  This is another superb show, combining lasers, fireworks, and film projected onto water spray.  It’s all set to American music and it’s a bit patriotic for my taste,  but it was very impressive.

We were home by 11pm, and for the first time I am not that tired, Maybe I’ve finally beaten the jetlag?

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