2002: Blizzard Beach

Wednesday,  5th June.  Blizzard Beach.
We sleep late, and get up slowly, and are on our way to Blizzard Beach by 11.30am   These lazy starts really characterized our holiday, and were definitely a result of staying in a villa rather than a hotel room.  Since we really needed to sleep, relax and unwind on this trip,  this suited us perfectly.  We found Blizzard Beach and bought our refillable mug,  then we headed around to Tykes Peak.  This is just perfect for Katie, but there are no chairs anywhere.  No people either,  just lots of towels saving seats.  Eventually we find a pile of spare chairs and end up sat in a pathway at the top of Tyke’s Peaks.  The location is great because we can see most of the area, so Katie can roam around while we sit,  but we are sitting in a path, next to a bin, so it could be better! Katie had a great time, there is a small mountain where she can play and 3 ‘big’ slides complete with tubes, or submarines as Katie calls them.  We spent a good few hours in there,  at one point we went off for a trip around the lazy river, which was great.  Katie even laughed when she was squirted with very cold water.  She is definitely much braver than last year.
After the river,  Katie and I head back to Tykes Peak, and I find us some better seats – I have a little row with a women who is holding an entire covered area by herself – ‘Would it be possible for 2 of us to sit at the edge of this area?’ ‘No,  I need the entire space for my family’  she is alone with a small baby while her family are off having fun,  and while throughout the day I did see that there were a lot of them, we never saw more than 3 or 4 back at the’base’ at the same time.  This really bugged me – can you tell?  Anyway, we found better seats,  still with a good view,  but out of the path and away from the bin,  and we wait for Phil to return with some hot dogs.
About an hour later, I am starting to get a little worried, and we go off to look for him,  of course, this was when he returned via a different path.  Somehow we missed each other,  but eventually we are reunited and enjoy hot dogs and more ‘free’ soda.  Phil said the queue for the snack bar was not that long,  but it took ages for each person to be served, and was rather frustrating.
After lunch we decided to try Teamboat Springs,  the family raft ride.  We walk up ALL the steps and get on the raft – This is just a brilliant ride.  Katie just laughs and laughs, Phil is in tears with laughter,  and I am hanging on for dear life and giggling away too – it’s so brilliant that as soon as we get to the bottom we all want to go on again.  I am NOT climbing all those stairs again, so we wait for the chairlift this time.  The chairlift queue is not too long but it’s a scary ride with a wriggly Katie –I was petrified.  We head back down Teamboat Springs, and this time I attempt to take some pictures as we fly down the slide – amazingly they aren’t too bad.

Katie’s Verdict was Fantastic  – let’s do it again.  But it was such a long process to get the chairlift back to the top, and then wait for the ride, that we said no – she was not impressed and bursts into tears.  We manage to placate her with the tube ride in the older kids area – Ski Patrol Training Camp.  I decide to slide down at the same time as her, so that I will be able to catch her at the end.  Well, down we slide, then I find myself upside down, completely disoriented,  by the time I surface Katie has sorted herself out and is waiting on the steps –Fat lot of use I was!

We head back to Tykes Peak, and Phil goes off for more soda – as he returns he spots Goofy swimming in the pool.  I really wanted a photo of Katie with Goofy, but she was too busy playing and wasn’t at all interested in posing for photos.
By now, it was after 5, so we decided it was time to go.  We stopped to pick up our TeamBoat Springs photo and headed to the 192 for dinner.

Dinner is at Ruby Tuesdays, and was simply enormous – Phil ‘isn’t that hungry’, so he orders the combo platter,  Shrimp, Ribs, Chicken and Steak Plus a salad bar – I have never seen so much food on one plate.  I have some ribs, and Katie has a cheese sandwich – $50

We are home by 8 and sit around having drinks and snacks in our living room – it is very relaxing, much nicer than a hotel room – especially when Katie goes to bed and we get a peaceful evening (quite rare&#33.,

Tomorrow it’s MGM, Hollywood and Vine and Fantasmic.  Katie’s trying the crèche.

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