2002: MK and Illuminations

Sunday:  We manage to sleep until a respectable 7:30am.  Get up slowly, and spend ages making breakfast and burning the toast. (Which was a shame, it was very nice cinnamon toast).  Eventually we leave and head for Magic Kingdom, via Walmart.  Half an hour in Walmart and we are on our way, complete with squirty fans, sunglass cords,  and other essentials of theme park life.  One of our best buys were some water bottles with straws – they were all of 85cents and we used them constantly for sharing the large sodas in the park.
We eventually arrive at the TTC – only a slight detour through the Animal Kingdom carpark – and we enter Magic Kingdom at 11:30 – the hottest and busiest time of day.

After a quick stop for a new hat for Katie,  we go up to Fantasyland.  You can’t walk through the castle due to the show in front of  the castle,  you have to walk around via Frontierland.  We picked up Fastpasses for Peter Pan, and then went to visit Ariel.  It’s quite a long wait in the heat, but we have a nice chat with the other folks in the queue, and have a photo with Ariel.  After this, Katie starts to have a complete meltdown.  She is too hot and very dehydrated, and is very upset because she needs the loo but is so dehydrated that she can’t seem to manage it.  I was quite concerned as she did seem to be quite badly affected, so we went into the Columbia harbour house and had some lunch and plenty to drink.  We shared a chicken and a fish meal, and 3 large drinks since I was desperate to get some fluid into Katie. The new sports bottles work great as Katie finds the big WDW cups hard to manage – this way we can pour her drink into the bottle, which has a screw-top lid, and she can walk around with it without worrying about spilling it.  Katie has a lot to drink, and manages to go to the loo and generally seems much healthier and happier after lunch.
After lunch we try to get into the Diamond Horseshow Revue for ice-cream, but there are no seats, we we just wander a while until our Fast Pass window.  We go on Peter Pan, which is a good ride,  but I would not wait 75 minutes for it!  After Peter Pan, we head over to Katie’s all time favorite – It’s a Small World.  By this time it is 3pm,  so we head back into Liberty Square and manage to catch the parade – we have an ok view, considering that we just walked up right at the last moment.  The parade is quite good,  I particularly liked the artists on bikes,  and Katie got to go out and dance with the brooms from the Sorcerer’s apprentice,  which is one of her favorite stories at the moment.

After the parade, we went back to the Diamond Horseshow Revue and managed to get some seats.  Just as the show started, some people left and we moved to their superb seats, in a little box right by the stage.  This show is really good fun – we had a couple of singers and then a magician who managed to spin out one little trick to fill his whole act and still be really good.

After the show we wandered past the new Aladdin ride, and have a nice ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean.  This is completely different to the POTC at Disneyland Paris, which kind of surprised Katie – she was looking out for her favorite part from Paris, but it wasn’t there.  However,  we enjoyed the ride and she has a new favorite part – when the convicts are trying to get the dog to give them the keys to the cell.
We browsed the shops, and then walked over to Goofy’s Barnstormer.  There was a shortish queue,  and a very short ride, although lots of fun,  and Katie really liked it a lot.  Then we took a look around Minnie’s house,  and by now it was time to leave to meet for the Illuminations Cruise.  Left Magic Kingdom about 6, got the Monorail, tram and car,  we were all very hot and sweaty so we did a quick change in the car (hiding under a towel&#33. and we headed over to the Yacht and Beach.   We met up with everyone outside Beaches and Cream – everyone was really nice.  We shared our cruise with Janice, Paul, Matt and Jamie from the Dibb/Dis,  and Michelle Nash and her son Todd from the Passporter boards.  Everyone was really nice and there was none of that ackward moment that I worry about when I am meeting up with complete strangers for the evening.
We all walked over to the boat, and met our captain for the evening, Kimmi.  All aboard, we set sail past the Swan and Dolphin to MGM then back past the Boardwalk.  Katie was very funny and kept moving seats until she was seating in the Captains seat with Kimmi – Kimmi didn’t seem to mind and the two of them chatted non-stop.  We chatted with Janice and family until we moored up under the bridge, and then Michelle and Todd moved down to the front and we all sat together and had a good old chin-wag until the fireworks started.  Kimmi was very good, and had Katie ‘blow out’ all the torches around the lake.

The fireworks were superb, but I can’t describe them in anyway that will do them justice,  so for those of you who have seen them,  you know, and for the others – go and see them – make this a Do Not Miss event in your plan.
After the fireworks, we raced round to MGM, and raced is the word,  I don’t know how fast it was, but it seemed very fast.  We got to MGM just in time to see Mickey beat the bad guys in Fantasmic. Then it was back to the Yacht and Beach – Katie was helping with the driving by tooting the horn,  and chatting to Kimmi.  So much chatting was going on, that we drove right over a Bouy – Boo-EE as Kimmi called it  ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe I hit the BooEE’.

We said Goodbye to Michelle and Todd, and walked back to the Beach Club with Janice and family.  We made arrangements to meet them the following morning at Cindys for breakfast.  We walked down to check out the Sandcastle club, as Katie was going there later in the week, and then realised that it was 10pm and we hadn’t had any tea- so we went into Beaches and Cream and had a cheese sandwich, burger & fries and a Caesar salad and soft drinks – $30.
We were home to bed about midnight

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