2002: Shopping and Animal Kingdom

Saturday – Halfway point

We slept late this morning and when we woke up it was chucking it down, serious English rain except warm.  We had already decided not to go to Magic Kingdom today as it would be busy on a Saturday, so we just pottered around the villa, tidying up, doing laundry and watching the tv.  It was quite relaxing just doing the housework –why is it never so appealing at home?  Around lunch time we decided to head out and do some shopping and get some lunch.  We were to Target where I bought some new sofa covers I had seen in a magazine.  Then we tried to find a Red Lobster.  We had no idea where one was,  but I figured there would be one near the Florida Mall because there is always a Red Lobster at the mall.  We had just about given up hope of finding one when Phil spotted it, right in front of our noses.  I had Lobster tail and shrimp, Phil had salmon and Katie ordered shrimp but ate nothing – total bill $36.  It would have been a perfect meal except our waitress disappeared when we were wanting to pay the bill and we ended up hanging around for ages waiting to pay,  and then again waiting for some change,  in the end I removed half her tip, which was a shame for her really, as she had been superb up until that point.  I suspect she had gone on a break without handing us over to anyone else.
After a trip to Border Books (what a superb bookshop,  we were in here about an hour,  and a stamping store (like a scrapbooking store only not as good ) we headed home.

Somehow it was 5pm already.  More pottering and tv watching, and I was getting itchy feet and wanted to go out.  Phil and Katie were quite happy in front of the telly, so I decided to drive to Walmart.  I actually learned to drive in the States, so this shouldn’t be a big deal,  but I never drive on holiday- I always go on the car, and then end up letting Phil do the driving.  Anyway,  I got in the car and drove to Walmart – completely incident free,  and I managed to get back home again without a navigator!

While in Walmart I picked up some chicken, potato wedges and most important English Baked Beans.  We had a bad experience with KFC’s beans, which Katie was expecting to taste like Heinz but didn’t,  however, these beans met with her approval.  We watched a tv movie all about angels, and changing your life to be a better person,  the American telly is certainly a lot more ‘moral’ based than ours, and then we went to bed around 10pm.  Just a quiet lazy day really.

Sunday – 6pm.
Well,  this time next week we will be on the plane and heading home. (Sob).  Must stop thinking like that, and think seven more days to go,  Yeah!

Today, we went to Animal Kingdom.  We got up early. and were at the park by 9.15, which considering it opens at 9 was quite a feat for us.  We went straight to Harambe and got a FP for the safari,  I wasn’t feeling very well, we went into the Tusker Lunch House for a drink and a bun while we waited.  The sticky buns in there are amazing – Enormous and very sticky but absolutely to die for – you must try them.  They are actually from the coffee shop to one side of the TLH, not from the main counters.
As soon as 10.30 rolled around, we went on the Safari.  We had a great driver and we saw lots of animals, but unfortunately my camera wouldn’t work so we didn’t get any photos.  Considering how mad I went at  MGM, perhaps this was a good thing?  After the safari, we took the train to the conservation station.  By this time my head was pounding, and I was thinking of going home to lie down,  so while Katie saw Pocahontas and Rafiki, I asked at a gift stall for Tylenol.  The CM produced the most enormous case of medicine,  they must sell nearly everything you could ever need here.  And this was a small gift shop, so I guess they must have drugs at every till, which is good to know.  Tylenol duly taken,  we went into the petting area and Katie petted some goats.  She wasn’t that impressed with the goats,  but she liked washing her hands in the elephants trunk on the way out.

We took the train back to the main park.  This is not the most exciting area of the park,  but I quite enjoyed it despite my headache,  and with a clear head I think I would have stayed longer and looked into it in more detail.

Up next, is the Lion King Show.  This is as superb as ever,  just Brilliant!  I think this is probably the best show at WDW, and not to be missed.  Unfortunately I am still feeling rough,  so we decide to have a meal in some air conditioning to try and cool down.  We decide on Restaurantosaurus as we’re not in the mood for anything fancy, just a sit down in the a/c and a bite to eat.  I have some McNuggets and a drink and feel must healthier after lunch.  In fact, so much so that I plan on taking Katie on Primieval Whirl,  but she’s not tall enough,  which seems a shame as Splash Mountain looks scarier to me.  She decides she’s not bothered about the Dumbo lookalike ride,  so we just wander around the Chester and Hester area.  I really don’t like it – it’s cheap and tacky looking and I think it’s really offensive that they have those kind of side shows that cost extra.   I know everything in WDW costs money,  but this is the only place I can think of, where they have 3 goes for $5 type of things and it’s not in keeping with the class that the rest of WDW has.  Anyway, rant over , we realise that it’s nearly time for Tarzan Rocks, so we head in.  What a rubbish show – to be fair I had heard poor reviews,  but I was still surprised by how bad it was.  Way too loud and completely pointless.  Makes you wonder how they can produce Lion King at the same park.  After Tarzan, we find a good spot for the parade,  on the path between Asia and Africa.  This parade is really fun,  one of my favorites I think.  The floats are all really close as the paths are narrow, and they have such amazing detail on them.  There’s also loads of guests in the parade – I wonder how you get to do that?  We give this parade 2 thumbs up.DSCF0101

By now it’s 4.30 and time to go.  We head back to the villa and have a swim.  It feels fantastic to cool off in the pool after a hot day.

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