2003: Molly meets the mouse, travel

Ok,  I have decided I might as well write up my notes, cause they are doing no one any good sat on the shelf, but I’m afraid that I didn’t take many notes in week 2, so they will get a bit vague later on…

Saturday:  Finally finish packing and head to the airport at 2pm.  We had an uneventful flight down to Gatwick.  We collected our luggage and took the monorail over to the other terminal, and dropped the bags off at Twilight check-in,  what a brilliant idea that is 🙂

we then made our way to the Hilton and went up to our room,  which was ENORMOUS  and Filthy -it hadn’t been cleaned,  and made me feel much better about the state we leave our rooms in, cause this was disgusting.  Katie was about to get a drink from the bathroom, but I managed to intercept her, and had everyone stand, not touching anything while we called Reception.
Someone from Reception appeared almost immediately and they were very apologetic,  and moved us down the hall to another room,  still very big but not quite as enormous as the first one. It would have slept 6 + a baby quite happily though, so more than big enough for our little party,  and as an added bonus,  it was clean!

We decided to check out the swimming pool,  and Molly enjoyed her first ever swim.  The pool is lovely, in a conservatory within the center of the hotel,  and as it was dark outside,  it was quite fun splashing around in the lighted pool.
After swimming and getting dressed we walked back into the terminal to find some dinner,  it was getting quite late,  and we were tired, so we decided on a McDonalds,  not the flashiest start to the holiday,  but it did the job.

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