2003: Magic Kingdom


we are all awake by 4:30 and the plan is to head to Magic Kingdom. Even with our early start we miss the opening and get there about 9.05. We collect our Annual Passes, and somehow Phil gets a childs pass, and Katie gets and adults one which causes us some confusion.

We start the day by meeting Meeko, which is perfect as Katie has come out dressed as Pocahontas.

After Meeko we visit Le Chapeau to buy hats all round. 3 hats and $50 later we are all kitted out, and for the third year in a row, I wish later in the day that we hadn’t been so hasty to buy the hats as we see much nicer ones further into the park.

We head up Main Street, and there is a bus full of singers and dancers performing in the street, so we stop and watch ‘Clang, Clang, Clang goes the trolley’ Katie is really into old show tunes (too much time at grannys I thnk), so she was thrilled, and oves to join in.

At the end of Main Street, we head over to Crystal Palace, where we have an appointment with Pooh Bear and his friends. Crystal Palace was brilliant, the food was great, and the characters are loads of fun. They even had a special highchair for non-sitting babys, so Molly had somewhere to sit – this was excellent, and I wish they had them in all the restaurants, as they make life with a baby much easier.
Molly was dressed up as Piglet and got loads of attention from all the characters, and piglet was thrilled to see her

After lunch, we checked out the babycare center which is right next door. These centres are all great, they are very well equipped and have everything you might need for sale, so if you forget nappys or wipes you can get some (at a price)

Baby business out of the way, it was time for our first ride. It’s a Small World – this is Katie’s all time favorite rife, and we always do it many times each trip. It seemed quite busy in the Magic Kingdom, btu it was lunchtime and the first Monday after Thanksgiving, so I guess that was to be expected.

After IASW, it’s time to try something new, so we head into Mickey’s Philharmagic which is absolutely superb, although sitting in the front row is not brilliant, the 3d seems to jump in and out, we saw it again later and sat further back and the effects were much better. Molly came in too, and she was pretty happy, although it is quite loud, and there are some surprises (I don’t want to give too much away), so I had to snuggle her in and cover her ears.

After Mickeys Philharmagic (this needs an acronym!), Katie and Phil had a ride on the carousel, and tehn we went over to Goofy’s Barnstormer – another of Katie’s favorites. I rode this with Katie, while Phil waited with Molly – Molly is brave but not that brave. We had about a 10 minute wait for this, which was fine, but as mcuh as Katie loves this, I wouldn’t wait longer because it is an incredibly short ride. Still we had a great 30 seconds or so, hands in the air, screaming (and that was just me ) If they made one of these that was 5 times as long, it would be perfect.

After the Barnstormer, we went into the little shed next door and had a very yummy frozen lemonade, they also sell fruit in this shed, so if you are after a healthy alternative, this is the place to look.
We wandered back to Tomorrowland and took a ride around the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (paging Mr Tom Orrow, Mr Tom Orrow… ) and fed Molly while we rode.

We picked up some Fast Passes for Buzz and tehn went on Carousel of Progress, another of Katie’s favorites, she loves the scene with the burnt Turkey – who knows why? I like it because it’s a nice cool sit down for half an hour, am I getting old?
After COP, we do Buzz, I am absolutely hopeless at this, but it’s great fun.

By now, it’s around 3pm and we decide to call it a day, but as we are heading out, we catch the end of the parade, so after the parade we head back to the steamboat, and the 192.
We stopped in Sizzlers for a very early tea, as we are still very much on UK time. The Sizzlers on the 192 was ok – no complaints, but it was pretty shabby, and worn looking.
After tea, I want to find Walmart, so we head down the 192, but we can’t find it, so after driving up and down for a while, we head home with 2 sleeping babys in the back. ( I found out later we hadn’t gone quite far enough down the 192 when we turned around)

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