2003: Epcot


We woke up really early again,  it takes us ages to get onto US time.

On our way out, we went to the Management Office to try and sort out a cot, but the office was closed because it was too early,  so we called the UK office to complain.  They promised to contact the Mgmt Office for us,  as we explained we would be out all day and unable to get to the office during office hours.

We found the Walmart on the Osceola Parkway  – probably further than the one on the 192, but we knew exactly where it was as we had used it quite a few times the previous year!
I was after some baby things, but they didn’t have them,  but we still managed to buy quite a few things! No surprise there then.

We got to Epcot around 10:30 and it was lovely and warm,  os we left our coats in the car…  More on that later…

We started at Ice Station Cool,   Katie found a german drink that she really liked,  so we stopped by there a few times during our trip.  As we were leaving ISC,  some strange blue men appeared and started doing an acrobatic display in the courtyard by the fountains.  One of the things we really love about Epcot is that you just stumble upon various acts when we least expect it.

After the show was over, we walked round to Mexico,  and started with the Ride in there – it’s incredibly naff, but Katie really loves it.  She got a mask to colour, and we browsed the stalls.  We really like it in Mexico,  we don’t do much,  but it’s such a nice atmosphere.

A tip for people with babys.  We assumed that strollers weren’t allowed in Mexico, as there are so many parked outside,  so we used a sling (which worked fine), but inside the pavilion we spotted a stroller park by the ride, so strollers must be allowed in – useful to know if baby is sleeping.

Our next stop was Germany, where we were looking for food.  We have decided on this trip , to try and do new things,  so we opted for the Biergarten for lunch, as we have never tried it before.  The Biergarten was excellent,  the food was really nice,  the service was great, and we had some really lovely table companions, although for some reason it took us 3 tries.

The first party who sat down discovered it was a buffet,  and left (I was confused how they didn’t know this, as there is a sign outside,  and they told us when we were seated, but they seemed surprised).  The 2nd couple,  sat down and then immediately asked to be moved to another table (was it something we said? Or a fear of small children?), but the 3rd couple who sat down were lovely,  and we had a really nice chat with them while we ate.
During our meal, they had a show on, which was a German Oompah Band,  who played some music,  and then they played alpine horns,  and hand bells.  All the children were invited down to hear a Christmas Story , and they finished up by singing Silent Night which was just beautiful,  I found it very moving listening to every one sing.  Unfortunatly, I was busy with my video camera during it all,  so don’t have any photographs.

After lunch, we looked at the teddy bear shop in Germany,  fabulous dolls and teddy bears, but the dolls Snow White outfit was $75 which is a bit rich for my blood.  Katie did some work on her mask in Italy,  and we watched a living statue perform.

Next stop was America,  and in the spirit of trying something new,  we did the American Adventure,  not really our cup of tea, but now I can say we have tried it.  When we came out of AA, it had started to turn quite chilly.  A nice lady at a stall offered to sell me a blanket for $40,  but I told her katie could just shiver – aren’t I rotten!

We finished our tour in Japan,  where we love the shop,   and again Katie did some mask Colouring.

After Japan, we decided to take the boat back across the lake to Future World and viist with Figment.  I can remember Figment from my childhood,  so this is one of my favorite rides,  and again Molly was quite happy too, except for one sharp blast of air.
Molly was getting tired at this point,  so we stopped to get her to sleep and then we watched the tree lighting ceremony.

It was very cold by now,  and we were wishing we had brought the coats out of the car.  We decided on one last ride for the evening,  and headed to Spaceship Earth.  Molly was brilliant and slept through the entire thing!

We had two sleeping kids before we were out of the carpark,  so we just stopped at Subway to pick up some sandwiches for our tea.  Still no cot in the apartment,    good thing we don’t mind sharing with Molly…

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