2003: Animal Kingdom


We woke up early again,  and after breakfast in the apartment we are on our way late enough to stop by the Management office and speak to a person.  We finally manage to arrange for another cot to be delivery,  apparantly they have been leaving them outside, and they have been stolen. This time they are going to take it into the apartment.

We took the Sherbeth Road shortcut to Animal Kingdom – this is a fab shortcut,  it means we are extremely close to Disney, maybe 10 minutes door to door from the apartment to Animal Kingdom carpark.
At Animal Kingdom, we park, and decide to change a smelly Molly before we head into the park, when we realise that we have forgotten to pack the wipes.  Could make for a long day with no wipes…   So after getting into the park,  we check out the babycare centre,  and manage to buy some wipes and tissues for Katie, who has now got a cold after getting a chill at Epcot.  I think it was about $2.50 total for a small pack of wipes and a pocket pack of tissues,  so not cheap, but certainly worth spending a few dollars rather than having to go back to the apartment and collect the wipes.
This BabyCare Center is smaller then the one at Magic Kingdom, but its still very nice,  and has everything you could need.

Molly changed,  we heard to Harambe for our favorite breakfast in WDW,   Sticky Buns and Coffee from Kusafari.  The sticky buns are to die for,  and really must be tried – they are superb.
After breakfast,  in search of something new to do,  we head over to Asia, as we have never been to Asia before.
On the way across,  we spot Devine,  so we watch her for a while,  she is really impressive,  and when she is standing in the bushes you would never know she was there.

Before we make it to Asia, we decide to try the bird Show.  Molly was sleeping, and we weren’t allowed to take the pushchair in, so I waited outside.  Just before the show started, they told me that there was a free wheelchair spot, so I was able to take Molly in, in her pushchair and watch the start of the show.  Of course, then she woke up and started to fuss,  so I ended up leaving again quite quickly,  but the bit I saw was quite good,  and Katie and Phil enjoyed it.  Katie went up after the show for a chat with the presenter who answered some questions for her.

Finally, we make it to Asia,  the the Kali River Rapids,  I have always wanted to do this, but Katie wouldn’t like it,  so we have never bothered to babyswap before, but since there is no queue at all,  we give it a try.    It’s a walk-on, but it’s actually quite a long walk to the boat.  I briefly considered buying a poncho on the way in, but decided ponchos were for wimps,  but when I sat down and saw that the rest of my boat were wearing full coats and anoraks I wondered if I had made a mistake

The very 1st drop ends with a geyser,  and I escaped very lightly, but at the 2nd drop I was completely drenched, right down my back.  All too soon the ride is over,  it’s a fun ride, but it’s way too short,  I would have been cross if I had waited a long time for it.

Phil goes off for his turn, and I try and dry off in the bathroom using the hand-dryer, but it is completely futile.

While we are waiting for Phil,  Katie chats with a lovely little girl who looks quite poorly.  She is wearing a Give the Kids the World badge.  They had a great chat at their holidays and what a nice time they were having.

When Phil returns, he is completely dry – how does that always happen?   I on the otherhand slosh off to buy a new t-shirt,  or maybe some shorts…   a complete new outfit is very tempting, but I can’t see anything I fancy,  so I just drip for a while.

We walked around the tiger trail next, and saw the bats and tigers, but it was very hot by now and the tigers were all sleeping.
We decided it was time for lunch,  and near the Kali River Rapids, there is a hut selling stir-fry chicken which sounds perfect, but for the fisrt time at WDW, there was no kids menu, so we had to move on.  We passed Devine again,  and I found myself a nice new, dry t-shirt which was a huge relief.

We had lunch in the Tusker House and got the lunch coupons which seem like a good deal.  I wonder if they will start offering these in the other parks.
I had chicken and mash,  and Phil had a wrap and corn chowder,  they were both very nice.  Katie shared some of ours.
Also with the coupon we get a drink and an ice-cream voucher for later on in the day.

After lunch we took a ride on teh Safari, but it was too hot in the middle of the day, and so all the animals were sleeping – one day we will do this first thing.  It was very bumpy,  and another first for us,  the bridge collapsed, which we have never experienced before.  Molly came along on teh safari,  and I had her in the sling – I was quite pleased that she was fastened on,  and not just in my arms, as it was quite bumpy.

Back in Africa,  and we saw some fantastic acrobats performing in the area near the tusker house.

Next, we wanted to see the Pocahontas show (one of katie’s favorite characters), but we had the timing all wrong, so we stopped for our free ice-creams,  and then walked down to the photo shop to try and view our photograph from the entrance.  However,  the photo shop queue was massive,  so we gave up and went back to watch the parade instead.  This is a really fun parade,  and we always enjoy it.
After the parade a mad dash along to see the Pocahontas show,  we just got in as they closed the ropes.  Katie was wearing her Pocahontas dress, and she swears Pocahontas gave her a wave.
After the show, Katie and I went into see Lion King,  while Phil waited outside with Molly – this was one of the few times where Molly prevented us doing something together, and that was only because she was asleep and we didn’t want to wake her by taking her out of her stroller.
I absolutely love the Lion King Show, I think it is one of the best things that Disney do,   and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
After the show finished,  it was 5pm and park closing time,  so we all headed out,  the photo line was even longer today,  we we had to leave without the photo.  I was quite disappointed, as I love the professional shots they take in the parks.

On the way out,  we saw a number of characters, including Stanley, who I’ve never seen before, and great excitemenet – Pocahontas

I’ve no idea where we went for tea, but I think this might be the evening we tried to go to Red Lobster and had to leave because Molly was not a happy bunny  – she was fine in the car park, but did not like it in the restaurant at all.  In the end,  we asked the waiter to put our food in a doggy bag, and we took it back to the apartment with us.

when we got back home,  even bigger excitement,  cause the cot has finally arrive.

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