2003: a weekend with family

Thursday – notes for Thursday are very brief…

Today was a shopping day. We started at Downtown Disney, I was on a quest for matching shirts for the entire family, which means we needed a range that went from infant to adult. Apparantly they do a few ranges like that, but since it was the end of the season they had run out, so I had to leave empty handed (ok, so I wasn’t empty handed, it was World of Disney after all… but I didn’t have matching t-shirts)
After World of Disney, we checked out the new Toy Shop – it is really impressive. Kate and I spent a while playing with the Mr Potato Head computer, and Phil looked for Pocahontas stuff, but Pocahontas is very elusive, so he didn’t find anything.
As we leave the Toy Store, we find one of those water fountains that kids can play in, so I left Katie to splash and Phil to supervise, and wandered up to the Scrapbooking Shop and bought a few bits and pieces (Ok, more than a few… )

After Downtown Disney, we went to the Florida Mall. We were looking for shorts for the girls, as we hadn’t brought many pairs from home, but all we could find in the shops were winter clothes, lovely wooly jumpers, hats and scarfs – most bizarre considering it was very warm outside.
I had been searching for cup holders for Mollys stroller – seemingly a park essential as every other stroller we see has them, but not something you can buy in the UK, and we manage to get some in Toys R Us, so that was a success.

That’s where my notes end. I seem to remember lunch was in the food court, and I have no idea about tea – I presume we had some at the mall?


We are heading to my sister in laws for the weekend, so before we can leave for the day we have to pack a weekend bag. This takes us absolutely ages, and then we pop into Animal Kingdom to collect that elusive photograph, but obviously you can’t pop into any of the parks as it’s so far from Car Park to entrance gate, so by the time we are on our way to Magic Kingdom it’s pretty late.
We start at the Philharmagic, which Phil and Katie do because Molly is hungry. Katie is very brave and wears the 3-d glasses for the first time in any 3-d movie, and she declares it Amazing – in particular she likes Ariels Jewels.
After the Philharmagic, we pick up a Fast Pass for Peter Pan, and then head around to Pirates. We decide to stop in at Goofy’s Country Dancin’ Jamboree at the Diamond Horseshoe – we really liked the old show at teh Diamond, so we were curious about this one. This is a really good show, they get everyone up line-dancing, even those of us with babys strapped to our chests!
After the show, we made it to Pirates, and we all went on, even Molly (safely in her sling). This is one of our family favorites, and we are sure to do it a few times every trip.

After Pirates, it’s time for lunch, and we decide to try Pecos Bills – actually we decide to try El Pirata y el Perico, but its closed and it’s connected to Pecos Bills through a shared seating area, so we end up in Pecos Bills instead. We’ve never eaten here before, and while it was fine, I don’t think it beats Columbia Harbour House as our favorite counter service.

After lunch it’s time for the parade – we manage to get a fantastic spot right on the circle in front of the castle, facing the bridge from Frontierland that all the floats come over. Unfortunately for a scrapbooker, I have been very careless, and the camera has a flat battery, so we have to enjoy the show rather than record it.

We finally make it back to Peter Pan, much later than our Fast Pass time, but we are waved on regardless, and get straight on the ride. Again we bring Molly in the sling, and I have to say I was very glad of the sling – I became quite paranoid during the ride, as I had forgotten just how high it is, and I was convinced that if Molly had been on my knee she would have somehow thrown herself out of the car and onto the tableau below.

After Peter Pan, we head out of the park, and up to northern Orlando to visit Penny & Detmar. Penny is Phil’s sister, and Detmar is her new husband, they were married in Orlando last November (2002) but we couldn’t get out for the wedding. Unfortunatly, Phil’s dad had a knee replacement op shortly before our trip, and he took longer to recover than expected, so Penny is still in England until Saturday night.

So, we catch up with Detmar, and he cooks us some German sausages for tea.


Carole and I have plans to go Scrapbook Shopping – Caroles husband Stephen has agreed to drive us anywhere we want to go (mad man), and Phil, Detmar, Katie and Molly are going into Downtown Orlando and then having a barbeque.

Carole and I had a great day – (not so sure about Stephen, but he was very good natured, especially considering I stepped in something very unsavory at our first stop, and smelled less than pleasant for a large portion of the trip )

I shan’t go into details of all the stores, but we visited 7 shops all over Orlando and beyond, and spent far too much money. It was lovely not having to worry about anyone waiting in the car getting bored, and just being able to browse.

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