2003: Meeting an Aligator

Molly meets the Mouse – part 7

Theres are the last of my notes, so I’ve got my photo album out, and am trying to remember – things may be a little more sparse than usual…

brief recap – we are having a weekend break at my sister in laws house, unfortunatly my mil has been ill, so Penny has been back in the UK looking after her

Sunday – Penny had returned from the UK sometime during the night, so we caught up with her over breakfast. We decided to go out to the coast to see some wildlife, and I wanted to see the Manatees.

Pennys husband, Detmar, has a big american car, so we all piled in that, 3 in the front, 3 in the back, it was a little squashed, but nice and cosy and meant we could all have a good chat on the way up there. He drove out on US 50 (Colonial Drive) all the way to Titusville – on the way there we passed through a town called Christmas which has year round Christmas decorations up. Titusville is where all the astronaughts lived, and I was quite excited to see it, as I remember it from movies like The Right Stuff, but in all honesty, it was a little faded and tired looking.

We drove onto Merritt Island, and drove along Black Point Wildlife Drive This is a 10 mile drive through the wetlands and marshs, and you can see loads of birds, and other wildlife – we saw an armadillo and an enormous alligator – the biggest alligator I ever need to see! It was quite happily lying in the sun with just a small ditch seperating it from my family (I have to confess to hiding in the car, I was not happy about the alligator, and thought it might find Molly a tasty treat, so I used that as my excuse to leave it alone)

After driving round the wildlife loop, we went to the Manatee lookout point – Penny has been to this spot loads of times, and they have always seen lots of Manatee, but unfortunatly today it was too cold and the Manatee had moved to a different spot – so we stood and stared at the empty river for a few minutes, and then moved on. I was quite disappointed ,as the Manatee was one of the things i really wanted to see on this trip.

Next on our tour was a trip to the Beach – I have to confess that I am not a beachy person, I don’t much enjoy the beach which is why we go to Disney on our holidays, but since we were at the coast, it seemed a good idea to go see the sea.
The beach that we went to was at the Cape Canaveral Seashore
this is quite a natural beach, there is nothing touristy here, just a parking lot, then a path over the sand dunes to the beach.
It was quite a warm day and very pleasant in the parking lot, but once you crossed the sand dunes it was very windy and I thought it was too chilly to swim – Phil, Katie, Penny and Detmar disagreed, so they all put there costumes on and went for a paddle – I have to admit to thinking they were mad!
beach copy
After their swim, we headed back to Orlando and stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for tea. We went to the one at Winter Park which was very nice – the food was lovely but the portions were enormous – we all ate half our meal and had the other half boxed up to take home – by the looks of the boxes people were carrying out, that seemed to be quite a common thing to do. My last note in my notebox says ‘I had chicken and biscuits – very nice’

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