2003: Winter Park

Molly meets the Mouse – part 8

Ok – we are flying by the seat of our pants here, no notes at all.

Monday –
Detmar was at work, so Penny took us out to Winter Park to do the boat tour. This is another of those things that I have had on my ‘must do’ list for ages.

Winter Park is a beautiful old town, and I would have quite enjoyed wandering around the shops, and eating in the street cafes, but we didn’t have a lot of time as we had to be back at Disney to meet some Dibbers inthe afternoon, so we just did the boat tour.

The boat takes you around 3 lakes, and you get to see some amazing property, and also Rollins College which is a private university. There are 3 big lakes, and then these tiny canels which connect them, which barely look big enough to take the boat.boattourmansion
The boat trip was quite pleasant, although I think it wasn’t that exciting for kids, but we enjoyed it. Afterwards, we headed to a shopping center near Penny’s house as I wanted to pick up a few more scrapbooking bits and pieces. We had lunch at Johnny Rockets, and put some tunes on the jukebox and had a boogie.
After lunch, I popped into Target, as I was on a quest to buy us all matching t-shirts for the MVMCP photo. I managed to get red t-shirts for everyone and matching Santa Hats, so was quite pleased with that.
After lunch and shopping it was time to say goodbye to Penny and head back to Disney.

We were headed back to the first of a series of meets which we had planned for the following week. We were meeting Michelle (Tinkershell) and Astrid and their families at the Fantasia Gardens mini-golf. Of course, in true Stephenson style, we were late, but the others were only on the first hole, so we managed to keep up.
We have never done the mini-golf before, and I was quite impressed – the course was really fun, not too hard but there were loads of quirky touches to make it interesting.

The plan was to play golf and then head to Beaches and Cream for tea – but we realised that we weren’t going to have another opportunity to see ‘Wishes’, so we all decided to head to Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks – this is one of the nice things about having an AP, we could just go into the park for the evening without having to worry about wasting a pass day.
We all drove over to the TTC and met up to ride the monorail, because we were entering the park so late, we were able to drive right up to the front of the carpark and got brilliant parking spots very near the underpass that takes you to the TTC.

We boarded the monorail and set off, and then just outside the Contemporary we stopped. I don’t know what was up, but we sat there for ages. Fortunatly, we were all excited to see each other, so we were just having a chat and didn’t really notice the delay, btu we were waiting quite a while. Eventually they said they were going to test the brakes, so we had to hang on – everyone braced themselves for a dramatic stop, but it was very smooth and uneventful. I have to admit to being quite relieved when we pulled into the station though, I didn’t fancy being evacuated from the monorail via ladder!

We entered the park and my memory is a little hazy here – I have a feeling we did Mickey’s Philharmagic, but I’m not sure. I do remember buying Katie a ridiculously huge tinkerbell balloon as we had been promising her one all week. I know we ended up standing right outside the ferryboat dock to watch Wishes, and it was beautiful – we had a fabulous view, and the music is lovely, and it was one of those perfect moments that you get sometimes at Disney.

After the show, we started to head out of hte park. The others decided to stop at Caseys for hotdogs, but we felt the kids were tired so we should go. We left the park and the crowds were huge, so we debated should we take the ferry or the monorail and decided that the ferry would be better due to the crowds. Unfortunatly, they have 1 lane for strollers, and the line of strollers was enormous – it tooks us and absolute age to get through the stroller line, and in retrospect we should have folded the stroller and carried the baby through the normal line, as we missed 2 or 3 ferries. In fact, it took us so long to get back that as we approached the car, we discovered that Michelle and Astrid and co had managed to have their hotdogs and still beat us back to the car.


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