2003: Ice

Monday –

I’ve been struggling with Monday, my plan says Magic Kingdom, but I definitely don’t remember going to MK, I can’t find any photos from Monday, and so I have just been and checked the videos. I have video of swimming and ICE, so this is what I think happened on Monday, parts of it may have happened other days!

I am pretty sure we started by going to the Premium Outlet Mall – I do know we spent a lot of time and money in the Osh Kosh outlet and came out with a HUGE bag of stuff for Katie and Molly, including the cutest little santa hat for Molly.

We also checked out the Character Warehouse, and I picked up some Pooh Bear dresses for the girls which were on sale. They had some character costumes in here too, so we may take a look there next year for some new princess dresses as they are about half the price of the parks.

My memories are vague, but I’m thinking that Phil and the kids had subway for lunch while I want to Bass and bought some new shoes and boots- Bass are my favorite shoes, so I was quite happy to find some that fit and where in the sale, buy one get one free.

After lunch, we went back to the apartment and Phil and Katie went swimming – I’m not a big fan of swimming so I read my book while Molly crashed out in her stroller. The pool at Windsor Palms is quite nice and it was very quiet so we had the place to ourselves.

In the evening, we went to the Gaylord Palms to see ICE – this is an ice sculpture show in a pavilion outside the conference center. It was quite expensive, I think around $40 for the 4 of us, but the exhibit was pretty good.
You are all given this parkas to wear
and then they take your photo, and you head into the exhibit, where they have ice sculptures and slides all created out of ice – we had a nice time in there, but it was very very cold so we didn’t stay particularly long. Especially considering the cost. We collected our photo on the way out, and then headed to the main part of the hotel to have our hot chocolate. This hotel is really stunning, the lobby looks like an Italian village, and outside there were 100s of lights twinkling in the trees – it looked really really stunning.

So that, was Monday, what I can remember of it -I assume we went somewhere for tea, but I honestly can’t remember- how hopeless is that?



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