2003: Meeting friends


No worries folks, I can remember Tuesday really well!

We met up with the Dibb’ers under the hat at MGM at 10am. We were of course, the last one’s there. This time as well as Tinkershell and Astrid we were also joined by Dave FM and his family Bev, James and Nicola. James and Katie are very close in age, so Katie is always thrilled when we meet up with James and Nicola and today was no exception.

When we got to the hat, all the kids were meeting characters, so off Katie went and she met Minnie in a tartan outfit, and Lilo and Stitch. Normally Katie wouldn’t have seen Lilo and Stitch, but with her friends along, she was much braver – one of the things I liked about meeting friends on holiday.

2003 WDW
2003 WDW

After the character greeting, we headed down to RockNRoller coaster – I have been wanting to do this, but wouldn’t do it on my own, so have never had the chance – well, Dave and Bev kindly offered to watch Katie and Molly so that Phil and I could ride together, and along with Astrid and Carys (very brave is Carys!) and Michelle (and Neil too I think) we headed into RnR. There was no line at all, so no time to get scared, which was a good thing because when you see the previous car take off, it is quite a worrying moment! But, no worries, it was FANTASTIC! Phil declared it ok, but I wanted to go straight back round and do it again. I loved it -and I’m no roller coaster fan.

We headed out of RnR, leaving behind the incredibly bad photograph of me – I looked petrified! and met up with Dave and Bev.

The braver members of the party wanted ot go off and do Tower of Terror, which is really not my thing at all! So we split up and Dave, Bev, myself, Phil, Carys, Nicola, James, Katie and Molly all headed for a visit with my favorite – Bear in the Big Blue House! we had qute a long wait to see Bear, but when we got in we were the first ones in, so the kids got to sit right at the very front. They had a great time, they were up dancing with the presenter and waving at Tutter – it was a really good show.mgm00025

After the show, we decided to see the Little Mermaid, so we got straight in there and made it through that show with no troubles, (last time we saw it Katie was scared of Ursula, but 18 months later she is a much braver girl).
As we left little mermaid we met up with Astrid and Michelle and crew, so we returned Carys to her mum, and then we set off in search of Mickey and other characters. We found him in his sound studio, so we said hello and had an autograph, and then outside we spotted pinocchio so another photograph (or 4, Bev wanted to be sure she got a good shot )mgm00057

we wandered around the back and somehow ended up at the Honey I shrunk the kids playground, so Bev took the kids in there, while Phil, Dave and I sat on a bench outside and fed Molly. (actually I have a vague memory of trying to change her nappy while she was in the carseat, I don’t think it worked very well… )


While we were sitting, James appeared with a CM. it appeared he had become seperateed from the other kids and couldn’t find his mum, so he’d found a CM and they brought him out to look for Dave. Dave took him back in, and he was reunited with mum, so no big crisis, but it makes you realise that these playgrounds are very big and it’s easy to lose someone in there.

Near where we were sitting was the umbrella for singing in the rain, so I took Phil round there for a photo op – the only problem was they are doing a lot of work in MGM, so this area was next to all the construction and the workers were giving Phil and hard
time about having to pose for a silly photo –

We went round to see Beauty and the Beast as well, but I am not really sure where that fits in to the day – around lunch time I think as we ate in the outdoor cafe across from B&B. I really like that cafe, they have nice chicken fingers, and I do like nice chicken fingers The show is pretty good too, I think MGM has some superb shows, I wish we had been when the Hunchback was on, as we have never seen that one, but we really enjoyed B&B

around 3pm we headed down to the end of the main street to meet the rest of the gang and watch the parade. We had a great spot on a bench right at the end of the street.
after the parade, we decided to go see Indiana Jones, which Phil and I had never seen as we thought Katie wouldn’t like it. We got ourselves all settled, Katie and James were quite happily sat at one end of the bench, then the rest of the crew, and Phil and I and Molly were right at the other. Katie was happy as larry until the show starts. Indy is running down a hill being chased by a boulder when suddenly both Katie and James are out of there seats and on to Mummy’s laps as quick as can be. This is a really good show, and I’m glad we managed to see it, but it is a bit intense for little ones, although it is good in that it explains that things are pretend and shows them how they are done.

After Indy, I think we headed out of the park, I know Bev and I went to check out the photos and buy some (I love the park photos and usually buy a couple in every park, I know they are expensive, but I think they make a great souvenier, and they are the only way to get everyone in a nice photo)

we made plans to meet up with Tinkershell and DaveFm and families at Epcot on Thursday, and then we all headed out.
It was a really superb day, probably the best we have ever spent at MGM, as this has not been a favourite park for us, but doing it with friends really made it more enjoyable.

I don’t seem to have any more notes, but I know we went to Epcot on Thursday as I have photos:




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