Day 7 Shopping and a Cruise

Friday, 29th October

We start the day with breakfast in the Food Court – we had MickeyWaffles (YUM), Muffins (what a great idea, cake for breakfast), and I think Molly had cereal.

After breakfast, we headed out for some shopping. I wanted to go back to the Waterford Lakes shopping center – this is quite far frmo Disney, but we had been there last year, and it had a lot of the shops I needed in one place. We headed out to the 417, but both Katie and I were suffering terribly from the insect bites, so we had to stop almost immediately at an Eckard drug and buy some non-itch spray. This was sort of effective but not brilliant, and we were still both scratching a lot. Fortunately, we didn’t take any photos of my legs, but trust me they weren’t a pretty sight.
We made it to Waterford Lakes, and went straight into Super Target. I picked up some clothes for the kids and myself, and then headed to the Pharmacy to beg for some advice for itchy legs. The Pharmacist recommended Benedryl so I bought some of that (2 sorts, tablets for me, and liquid for Katie). We also found a fab Cinderella dress for Katie for only $15 – She is being Cinderella in a skating show soon and this dress will be perfect.

After target, we went to the Craft N Stuff shop which is almost next door. I picked up some scrapbooking stuff, and Phil looked for some presents for his dad (who paints). We decided to walk around the mall to Old Navy next (this is a HUGE outdoor mall, I don’t think anyone walks, but it was warm out, so we walked).
In Old Navy, we found a fab ice-skating fleece for Katie – I didn’t expect to buy ice-skating fleeces in Orlando, but there it was so we couldn’t pass it by. I wanted to visit Joann’s next, this is a craft superstore and the one at Waterford Lakes is MASSIVE. One of the best things about Joanns’ is they have 50% of a single item coupons in the paper most weeks. I hadn’t managed to get a paper but was hoping to ask for a coupon at the desk, unfortunately they didn’t have any. I still managed to amass quite a collection of bits and pieces, and we found some new Christmas stockings which has been on our ‘must have’ list for some time. (We used to have 3 matching stockings, but had never been able to find a 4th for Molly, so we bought 4 new ones this year).
All this shopping was making us hungry, so we headed to our favorite spot for lunch, Johnny Rockets – We really like it in here, although today we didn’t hear any of our selected tunes on the jukebox which was a bit disappointing – still we had fab burgers and fries, and scrummy milkshakes – they really make the best milkshakes.

Since we don’t take many photos when we are shopping, I shall treat you to one of me and Katie at Johnny Rockets

After lunch, I hit a few more scrapbooking shops – there is another one at Waterford Lakes, and then we drove down W. Colonial to Memories which is a very nice scrapbooking shop and is right next to Babies R US, so we popped in there too (well, it would be rude not too).

We suddenly realised we were running late, so we dashed back to POFQ and got changed, and headed to the Boardwalk to meet the gang for our evening out.

We started in the Dolphin for tea at the ice-cream parlour, which I believe is called Tubbies. Rather than show you yet more wonderful ice-cream sundaes, I shall share this shot of Molly – You’d only get jealous of the ice-cream…

After tea, it was round to the Boardwalk for the highlight of our evening – the Illuminations Cruise. We boarded our boat, and headed round towards MGM first, I haven’t taken a note of our drivers name, but he was very good – keeping up a running commentary and telling the most awful jokes to keep us entertained while we sailed.

We sailed back around to Epcot, and stopped right under the bridge between the UK and France. We had a fab view of the fireworks, and also of a very swish looking cocktail party on the island in the middle of the bridge – everyone was in partywear and I did wonder if it was a wedding reception.


I really can’t do the fireworks justice, from the moment the kids blew out the torchs, to the moment it finishes, it’s just fabulous, and to make a magical evening even more special Molly slept through the entire thing! I was sure she would wake up from the noise, but not a flicker.

We headed back to the dock, and said goodbye to our superb captain, and then headed into the Boardwalk bar for a drink.

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