2006 trip report

When we went to WDW in 2006, I wrote a blog and over time as I moved my blog I lost the posts.   I have recently been able to find them,  so I am just reposting them here so they aren’t lost forever.

They aren’t brilliant, but as I have a report from all of our other trips, I want to save what I can find from this trip so I’ve got a complete record.

Monday 20th Feb 2006 And we’re off

We are all packed. Kids are in the bath and then off to bed,  and we are all set to leave early tomorrow morning.  I am dead impressed with us.  We are normally running around like headless chickens the night before we leave,  but for some reason we are really organised this time – possibly because we are leaving on a Monday so we have had the whole weekend to get ready. I’d have prefered to leave on the Friday and have 2 more days of holiday,  but the flights didn’t work out that way, so Monday it is, and it has made for a very peaceful start.

We have internet access in the hotel,  so I am hoping to log on and do some live – on the spot – trip reports on my blog.  Time will tell if that actually works out or not!

Mickey – we are on our way!!

And in other news,  Blade Camp is now called Thin Ice,  not Ice Time.  Feb 28th Feb, 10pm.

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