21st Feb 2006 – Magic Kingdom

Live from the hotel tv

We had a good journey,  the flight out of Newcastle was about half an hour late, but we made it across Gatwick and straight onto our Orlando flight with no hanging about.  The Kids were very good on the plane,  and Molly slept for  quite a while,  so it was pretty uneventful.
They have changed MCO from our last visit,  so we were able to leave the airport without going through security,  which made me very happy!

 We went to pick up our car,  and were told to take any car in the Intermediate aisle,  got outside and couldn’t find an intermediate aisle.  We found someone to ask , and he said take any mid-size and gestured to this empty aisle with only one car in it – I checked with him,  we should take this car?  and he said yes,  so we got  into our brand new PT Cruiser – if this keyboard wasn’t so awful I’d find you a picture, but trust me, it is very cool – we are having a very cool time as a result – Katie is declaring everything ‘cool’ and we have decided it is the car,  it has made us ‘cool’.

We found our hotel – last night  thought it looked like Cell Block H,  but this morning it looks just fine,  and we crashed out about 8pm –  Had a great nights sleep until 2am when Molly woke up,  and mean wide awake woke up – it  was 7am to her, and she was up.  I attempted to get her back to sleep but it was hopeless , so by 5am we were at the IHOP
eating pancakes,  6am found us in Walmart,  and by 8am we were on our way to Magic Kingdom.   We  got the ‘coolest’  parking spot,  within walking distance of the TTC,  and got the monorail across and entered the park just before opening time.   At opening time, all the characters arrrived on the train,  and they did a show,  we hadn’t seen that before,  so it was ‘cool’.

This morning,  we (all of us)  have been on Its a Small World,   (which is looking very fresh and sparkly),  Pooh Bear’s Ride,  Goofy’s Barnstormer (with Goofy  and molly) – molly loved  it!  peter pan,  philharmagic (molly not so sure) and seen the the cinderellabration show.   not a bad morning!

We have come home now for a rest  and a swim,  and are  going out to eat later –  the plan  being to keep the  girls awake a bit later  tonight in the hope they make it past 2am tomorrow!

I have some photos on the disneypass site but can’t quite work out how to paste a link  like this.
will try again in a minute.

Off to the pool


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