25 Feb – Animal Kingdom

Our cool car


Today we started with breakfast at Sizzler,   and then spent the day at Animal Kingdom.  Phil tried Everest and said it was very good – I was tempted but chickened out when I would have to go on by myself,  I am much braver with a partner, and Katie wasn’t keen.

Pluto & Katie outside Animal Kingdom

Next we did Kali River Rapids,  wimping out and wearing ponchos – good thing too  as we would have been drenched.  Katie got to ride twice again – she likes this baby  swap!

Katie & Phil on Kali River Rapids
Apparantly we met Balou and King Louie

After Kali,  the girls had their faces painted,  Molly was a very cute Minnie Mouse,  and Katie a butterfly.

Molly’s first ever face paint
Katie’s a butterfly

We went round to watch Katie’s favorite,  Pocahontas  next and saw loads of characters – Molly is starting to get a bit braver with them,  and even asked to go and see Goofy.

She’s not too sure about Donald
But Minnie might be ok
And she likes Goofy
Digging in the sand at the Boneyard
It’s been a long day

We spent the whole day in Animal Kingdom,  seeing the Lion King,   spening quite a bit of time in the boneyard digging in the sand,  and watching the animals on Safari.

My favourite photo of a 2 headed rhinoceros.
The Parade

After the parade,  we hearded into the Rainforest Cafe for some dinner.   We had a nice dinner,   and as we left the restaurant,  we came out to a torrential downpour –   in typical Florida style, it lasted all of 10 minutes,  but while it was raining it  was serious rain.  we got rather damp on the way back to the car.
We finished the evening with a trip to Target and Joann’s,  where I had a great time buying scrapbooking stuff  – I found a great bin of things at 60% off the discounted price, so bought a big box of MM letters for $5  and the very elusive Poolside Letters.  Katie was a bit disappointed in Target as they had some beautiful Disney dresses in,  and I would have happily bought them both one,  but they were only one size,   too big for Molly and too small for Katie.   molly didn’t care, but Katie was gutted.  I would have got her one anyway, but they were so short they looked silly.

Back home now,   and just checked out our latest photos – you can see them on the same link – lots more now,   we have met lots of characters!

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