27 Feb – MGM

yesterday at mgm


Yesterday we spent the day at MGM Studios.   We got off to a great start by leaving the camera in the car,  so we bought a disposable one for the day.   We started off by getting a  fast pass for Rock N Roller coaster,  and then went in to see Beauty and the Beast  – this is a fab show.  Next we watched Playhouse Disney,  then back to RnRC – Katie was very excited to try this as she was tall enough and feeling brave – unfortunately the fast pass line was still a 15 minute wait, and by the time we got to the cars she had talked herself out of riding,  so we had to take the chicken exit and we didn’t get to ride.
After this,  we watched the Little Mermaid, and met mickey mouse (pics on the link below).

Still not keen on Mickey

Apparently we also saw Bear in the Big Blue House


We had lunch in the Sci Fi Cafe which was really cool – we got to sit in the cars this time,   but it is very very dark and hard to see your lunch.

Dodgy disposable camera photo of Sci Fi Drive In

After lunch we tried to see the parade but we couldn’t get near the road,  so we missed it.   We went into muppets 3d instead,  and then watched the lawn / band show which was good.  Katie and I went shopping and spotted no less than 4 pocahontas pins,  so some trading was done – we have found 5 pocahontas pincs this trip,  last year we couldn’t find any.

We  finished the day with Lights, Motors Action which was superb – when we were in Paris Katie wouldn’t watch this, but she throughly enjoyed it  this time (after RRC she wasn’t going to say no, as she was embarrassed about chickening out).
We finished our evening at Pizza Hut,  and then came back to the hotel and crashed out.


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