28th Feb – Epcot

Today we have been shopping – I did some scrapbook shopping,  and Phil and I bought an  ipod which we were both fancying.  We spent quite a while finding the ice-rink because I wanted some skates, but when we got here they only sold hockey gear – so I  need to do better research on that next time!

And that’s the end of my notes,  but by the magic of photographs I can piece a bit more together.

28th Feb looks like it was Epcot, or it might have been a different day.  My photography magic is a bit confused about the date on the camera!

I think this is in China
Silly hats in Mexico
Love this photo from outside Mission Space.

Which reminds me,  this is the one and only time I tried Mission Space.  It was before they had an easy version so it was the full thing.  And while it’s really cool,  I won’t be trying it again.   We were eating at Garden Grill afterwards and I didn’t feel quite right and didn’t enjoy my meal.

Aw, Figment.
Farmer chip, or is it dale?
Mickey again, still not sure.
I think she likes Jasmine

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