6th March – DVC & Home

This trip was a bit of a strange trip for us.   We stayed offsite for the whole time which we have never done before or since, and it is one of only a few trips when we haven’t met up with any other Dibbers.

It wasn’t our favourite trip,  but looking back at the photos I don’t remember any ‘bad’ times.    However,  by the end of the fortnight we had decided that we didn’t want to stay offsite again, and so we spent our last day visiting the DVC showroom at Saratoga Springs.  The girls went into the play-room and we took a tour.   We didn’t buy DVC on that day, but we knew that we wanted too one day,   and we were very lucky to be able to make that happen before our next visit to Orlando.

I finished my blog with this post

Back to Reality


well the holiday is over now,   we landed home on Tuesday after spending a delightful 6 hours at Gatwick airport.  We had a wonderful trip,  but I don’t think we will be back for a while (although last night Phil mentioned something about October 2007  so never say never….)

and we did indeed return in October 2007 to stay in our new DVC home at the Boardwalk.

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