Day 7 Segway

Friday 19th October

It’s Dave’s birthday, and he is doing the Segway tour for his birthday treat, so Phil and some more friends join him. There were 6 of them all together. I wasn’t there, but reports state the most commonly heard phrase of the morning was ‘not so fast phil!’

He said the tour was excellent, they spent about an hour in a training area and then went around World Showcase, not particularly touring World Showcase, just playing on all the bridges and paths taking the Segways various places.

While he was doing that, I took the kids to the pool. James and Nicola swam as well, and there Nanny Sheila and I had a chat and a sit in the sunshine. The kids have never swam so many times on holiday before! I am not a big fan of the pool, so I don’t normally leap at the chance to take them, but since we had friends along, they swam with their friends, and I had a chat so I was more willing to visit the pool side this trip than I usually am.

They swam pretty much all morning, and we went back to our villa for lunch and I just made some sandwiches in the room. Phil came back around 11, and after lunch we went over to the Florida Mall. I’d been in Orlando a week and shopping trips had been very scarce! I was starting to worry about my shopping opportunities, as I had a massive wishlist.

It tooks us ages to get to the Florida Mall, I picked a route which involved taking the Palm Parkway to the Beechline – unfortunatly you can’t get from the Palm Parkway onto the Beechline (I’m sure I’ve made this mistake before), so we ended up going all the way up to Sand Lake Road and then very very slowly along Sand Lake Road. We get there eventually, and do a little shopping. We get Molly a gorgeous Snow White dress in the Florida Mall. It was 40% off, and came to $25. I honestly can’t see how it is any less nice than that ones at WDW and they are over $60, so I am thrilled with it.

I was looking for crocs, and so we end up at this shop right at theback of the Florida Mall which has lots of crocs (but not the Mammoth) but more interestingly, it has a surf pool right in the shop, so we watched them surfing for a while.
Then I do a bit of a shop in Lane Bryant, and some scrapbook shopping and we are running out of time, so it’s a mad dash back to the hotel (down the Beachline and onto I4 – much faster), and we have to change for dinner.

Dave & Bev have arranged a meal at Chef Mickeys for 14 of us, they have some friends who live in Tampa who join us, and also Rick and Heather (GOS) are over for a cruise the following day so they also join us. We take the bus to Chef Mickeys, as it is definitely not in the plans for anyone to have to drive. We are seated around 8:30 and are the last ones out of the restaurant around 11.
Much food was eaten, many drinks were drunk (Mudslide Cocktail for me – very yummy), candles were blown out, napkins were waved, characters were danced with, it was a really good night.

We eventually get back to the room quite late, and I realise – we have to pack

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