Day 15 – home

Saturday 27th October

Well, how can it be over so soon? The days have just flown by, and now sadly we are here at the very last one. 

The alarm goes off at 6:30 as we have an early ADR for the Whispering Canyon at 7:30. We have a very loud server called Uncle Dave who likes to shout a lot, and at one point he berates me for talking with my mouth full… Katie was mortified.
I encouraged Katie to ask for Ketchup which she did, but she just got the one bottle, however when the next table asked for Ketchup Phil went dashing over with the one bottle and a waiter turns around and says ‘one bottle’ and just drops his tray on the floor and went marching off returning with a case of Ketchup! I’m kinda pleased Katie didn’t get the full case, I don’t know if she would have seen the funny side or not.

Foodwise, Phil and Katie had the skillet, I had pancakes and Molly had an egg and toast. Using our final 4 Table service credits.

We finished with 1 counter service, 1 snack, and 2 kids TS credits unused which wasn’t too bad I don’t think.

We walked back to our room via the shop and Katie bought a scrapbook kit, and Molly bought a colouring book for the plane, then up to the room and we put the Photopass CD on the tv to check it looked ok (and also to admire a few photos)
then we rang Bell Services and it was time to go.

We packed up the car (again nice photo of fully laden car should go here) and headed off to Sanford around 10am.

We had an easy drive up there, and checked in at a different terminal (terminal B?). Last time we were at Sanford we had to pay a hefty overweight baggage charge, so Phil and I were both holding our breath but we were fine. We went upstairs into the new terminal, and were then directed along a corridor back into the old terminal.

I had booked and then cancelled the Royal Palm Lounge before our trip, and I’d never received confirmation of the cancellation, so I wanted to check we wouldn’t be charged (I had decided against it as we were only going ot have an hour at the airport and it seemed too extravagant for such a short time)

The girl told me that they didn’t charge your card unless you turned up, so I am not sure why they take card details when you book, but regardless we were assured it was fine, so we headed back into the main waiting room and had some food from the food court. It was not nice, and made me realise that while Disney food maybe expensive, it is usually edible.

Eventually our gate was called, and we headed back along the corridor into the new terminal again. I’m not really sure what that was all about. AmandathePanda was there with all her girls, so we had a quick hello but then it was time to board. We were right at the back with a 3 in the middle and one on the side next to a random single male. I had told Phil he had to sit with the kids, and I was having the single seat, but then when I saw the single guy I changed my mind and took the kids!
Our flight left about 2:30 so it was really a day flight, it’s quite a respectable time to fly actually – you don’t really feel that tired and you get back at 11pm Florida time, which is 3am UK Time and can still be argued as a very late night, rather than a completely missed night, iyswim.
Anyway, it was a day flight, so we weren’t to grumpy and trying to sleep unsuccessfully. Katie watched a film (Surfs Up), I read a book and Molly slept most of the way, so the flight went quite quickly.
We got back, found all our cases, and collected our car from the Premier Travel Inn, where a very silly receptionist tried to tell me I had to find the receipt for the car parking. It was 3am, no-one had told us to save this receipt and I had no idea which of the 7 bags/cases it was in, so I told her what I thought of her idea and fortunately she opened the gate.

We arrived home around 4am and went to bed, and that is the very sad end of our most wonderful trip.

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