Way to go Katie, Way to go!

Katie and I have been to Telford for the past 2 days. She was skating in the Telford Open along with a number of her friends from our local rink. Most of her friends skated on Wednesday and they all did really well, they took a number of firsts, a second and some third places, so as I commented to Katie, “No Pressure then”.

Katie has been to a few open competitions now, and she normally places somewhere in the middle of the group, with anything above the midpoint being considered a pretty good result. So after the brilliant results of her friends on Wednesday, I was more than a little nervous for her on Thursday. She was, of course, cool as a cucumber!

Well, I don’t know why I was nervous – she was brilliant!!! She had the best skate I’ve ever seen her do, everything was spot on, and even her coach couldn’t come up with a suggestion (although I’m sure he’ll have thought of something by Sunday morning practice!). When her scores came in I was stunned, Figure Skating scoring is very bizarre (certainly in the lower levels, the scoring they use in international competitions is now different) so we really had no idea where she would place, but I had a good feeling she would be on the rostrum.

Katie wasn’t bothered, she went off with her friends for some chips, but I was pacing the floor in the area where the results get posted and once they were finally up I was thrilled to see she’d come 2nd. What a great result!!Katie at Telford

I’d love to show you the video of her skate, but my heart was pounding and I could hardly breathe, so I didn’t actually manage to video her. I do have a nice clip of the wrong girl warming up! I spotted a girl in a blue jacket warming up and videoed her for a few minutes before I realised Katie was at the other end of the rink… Cool and Calm I was not!

the only minor downside to the trip was the traffic coming home.


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  1. That’s brilliant! A huge well done to Katie from me 🙂

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