A day with Molly

Molly’s got a brand new bagMolly and I are home today, She went to Nursery this morning and we will spend the afternoon together. When she goes to big school in September I will miss my afternoons with Molly, probably as much as I look forward to those free afternoons somedays at the moment!

Yesterday Molly announced that she needed a bag for school, something to take spare clothes in. We’ve managed up to now with a carrier bag, but apparantly that was no good and she wanted a bag of her own, just like Katie’s ballet bag (which I made a few years ago).

It seemed a fair request, and since I’d rather make things than tidy the house, I agreed she needed one, so we went to the fabric shop and she chose some lovely fabric called ‘Princess Pink’ which set me back the princessly sum of £2.50.

All afternoon yesterday she asked if I was going to make the bag, and her first words when she woke up this morning were, did you make my bag yet? So while she was at Nursery I made her a bag. Its not fancy, but I realised after I’d finished that I could have done it differently and hidden the seams inside the lining, but she is quite happy with it.

It’s lined with some pink dotty material I already had, so it’s just 4 layers of fabric sewn on 3 sides, then the 4th side turned over twice, and ribbon threaded through. Then I poked the ends of the ribbon through the bottom seam and sewed it down tightly to make a string that you can chuck over your shoulder.

I think if I tried it again, I would make the outside bag and the lining separately and then there would be no seams showing inside, but I’m fairly happy with this.

Please ignore Molly’s outfit, she came in from school and got herself changed and I’ve no idea what she is wearing!

More bagOther side


One comment

  1. Pretty bag, and Molly looks very pleased with it.

    I’d rather make stuff than do housework too. In fact I’d rather do ANYTHING instead of housework. LOL

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