Out geocaching again today

I quite enjoyed our last cache, but the weather has been so awful that we just haven’t been able to get out recently. We were all cooped up this morning and getting grumpy, so I decided to head out to a very local cache and see what happened. The location was St. Mary’s Island which is one of those spots we visit pretty often (if we were feeling really ambitious we could walk from home, but I’m not that keen).
I read the info, and made a fairly massive assumption that the cache was on the island. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t….. This added greatly to our confusion (well mine and Katie’s, Molly just follows along collecting shells).
This was a 2 part cache, we had to find a notice board, and then collect clues from the notice board to find our final destination. We manged the first part with a little help from the nice people in the shop, but the 2nd location appeared to be in the middle of the sea which had me flummoxed. We gave up and headed back to the car, when I realised the GPS was directing us past the carpark and around the cliffs, the final location wasn’t in the sea, it was across the sea!
Once we’d worked that out, we found it very easily and headed back to the car for a nice warm up as it was rather blustery on that cliff-top.



  1. It may have been cold but the pictures look great. I would love to see a close up of that lighthouse. It looks beautiful there.

    Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

  2. St Marys Lighthouse from the “other” angle I think, Nice photo, and I must find out if geocaching is something you can do in Holland – might get my family out and about!

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