a spot of scrapbooking, and a pic of Molly

I spend a lot of time talking about scrapbooking, reading about it, even thinking about it, but I am not so good at actually getting down to doing any at the moment.

At the last crop I went too, I tackled a pile of school photos that I;ve been carrying around with me for about 2 years, and got them all done but one. This is the final one, and so whilst this is not the most exciting layout I’ve ever created – it’s quite nice to know that I am all caught up with school photos. There is no journalling on

this, but if there was it would read something like ‘This is Molly at Busy Bee’s nursery. Molly went to Busy Bees for only a short while as her Granny hated it and every time she picked her up from BB’s she would complain that it wasn’t good enough for her grand-daughter, eventually a new nursery opened up and Molly moved there and granny
was much happier’

Also interesting to note is that Molly had dark hair in this photo.
She had very black hair when she was born, and she’s totally blonde
now, I’m not sure exactly when she changed from dark to blonde,
definitely sometime before her first birthday.

I’d like to offer all the usual disclaimers about how it’s not really crooked in real life, but let’s be honest, it is, and that’s just the way it goes. I also had massive issues with the chipboard, I am definitely challenged in covering chipboard – the paper was looking very raggy around the edges. Katie came in while I was struggling with the edges and said – well just outline them with something, and of course, she was correct, so I’ve sanded all the edges which made them look much better – then since I was sanding, I sanded the edges of the patterned paper (some lovely KI Memories I must have had for at least 4 years, it matches Molly’s dress perfectly, I knew I was saving it for something).


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