A very muddy tale…

The kids have been off school this week,  so Phil and I took the week off work so we could all have a relaxing week at home.  Unfortunately the weather has been awful,  and we haven’t really got out as much as we would have liked.  On Thursday the sun was briefly shining,  so I suggested we head out for another geocache.  It’s quite bizarre really, I hate going walking for the sake of walking,  but tell me there is a tupperware tub to find and I am quite happy to head out for an ‘adventure’.

We decided to go to Holywell Dene,  Phil used to visit quite often as a child, but I’ve only been once before.  Again it makes you think,  I’ve lived here for 18 years and this is right on my doorstep.

Our destination was ‘Starlight Castle’,  a small castle which was built overnight for a bet.   Phil checked the maps and ensured we were on the correct side of the river and off we set.  We found the castle fairly quickly,  unfortunately it was at the top of a very muddy and steep bank.   We debated a while and then decided the only thing to do was climb up,  so off we went.  We made it to the castle fairly easily but our GPS said we weren’t there yet,  so we had to keep on climbing,  and then scramble through some pretty heavy brambles  but eventually we were rewarded with a find.  Our 4th so far,   so we are still quite new to this.

Just as we found the box it started to rain.  This seems to be a recurring theme,  but at least it wasn’t snow this time.   Our next problem was how to get back to the car.  I really didn’t fancy my chances going back down the hill,  but we scouted out a number of possible alternatives and none of them proved fruitful  so unfortunately the only option was back down that hill.  Unfortunately,  I was wearing crocs rather than hiking boots,  so I really didn’t have much grip at all.   Phil helped me down, and as I went from tree to tree like a pathetic girl I had this sudden realisation,  I have turned into my mother!

We made it back to the car,  which was rather conveniently parked next door to a fish and chip shop.  Perfect we thought,  let’s warm up with a cup of tea and a plate of chips.  Unfortunately,  the chip shop was closed mid-afternoon,  and we were all rather disappointed,  so we drove along to Marshalls in Tynemouth as the taste for fish & chips was strong by now.  By the time we got to Tynemouth it was absolutely chucking it down,  so we got off that hill just in time.  We dove into a very busy Marshall’s and had one of the nicest plates of fish and chips I’ve had in a long time.



  1. Holywell Dene then fish and chips at Marshalls – I am so nostalgic for these things, I have to keep a strong image of the rain in the North East in front of me so I don’t start to feel homesick.

  2. Great to see you have been out caching again, I think it’s been the best family pastime for us. For the cost of the petrol and a picnic we can have a great day out and take lots of photos too although our weather has been a lot kinder than yours. You asked about our GPSr, we bought the Garmin 60csx, I plug it into the computer on a usb and it downloads the details for 500 caches in seconds. Instead of printing the sheets for the clues, directions and logs etc. I email the PDFs to my phone and read them on there when we are out and about. We are up to 97 finds now and have a 100th one planned for this week with Binbags.

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