25 April – Scrapping my day.

I went to the Durham Crop today,  and spent a lovely day chatting with Nat and Angela.  In between chatting, I even did some scrapbooking.  I took these photos yesterday,  just fairly everyday life stuff, nothing exciting but I snapped away all day, and then this morning I went to Boots and had them printed.  t first I was stumped as to how I could possibly fit them all on,  but with a bit of jiggling and a lot of cropping there 16 photos on this layout,  and when I’ve written it there will be some journalling too! (Some photos are hidden under flaps)

I hope I manage to keep this up, as I think it’s a really lovely idea.



  1. you win the prize for beating me to getting my page done! how cool it is to see yours. 🙂 though i am not sure that miss katie is allowed to look as grown up as she does in that photo in the top corner!! my goodness, when did that happen?! 😉

  2. Oh the finished product looks fab! Was the undo mishap resolved? And I still can’t get over the Miss Fashionista photo of Katie either… but I love the one of Mols waiting at the window for Katie to come home. So sweet!

  3. It looks really lovely Bev & yep, I too love that photo of Molly at the window…..such gorgeous girlies you have chuck.

  4. Crikey Bev. That’s impressive 🙂

    It’s a smashing layout. Bet the album will be great to look back through in a few years.

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