The Lakes in the Sunshine

Since it was a bank holiday weekend, we decided to head over to the
Lakes for a couple of days and have a little break. We have been for
the day a few times, and wished we’d booked a room as we didn’t want
to come home, so this time I booked 1 night at a B&B. It was a bit
last minute, and we need a room to accommodate 4 so there wasn’t a
great deal of choice, but we ended up in a most interesting place –
it rather reminded us of Fawlty Towers, complete with a grumpy Basil
Fawlty in charge of the place. There were a number of foreign
tourists staying there, and I was waiting to hear ‘Don’t mention the
war’ at any moment!

Sunday was a little drizzly, but we had a wander around Windermere
and attempted to find a couple of geocaches in the town – we failed
pretty miserably at both of them, but did have a lovely meal in a pub
in Bowness and then the kids had an ice cream in the seriously pouring
Monday, after an interesting breakfast, we headed out to glorious
sunshine. I decided we would attempt another geocache, this time out
of town. It was only a short walk, but I hadn’t quite realised it was
up a steep hill. Phil had told me to check the altitude as well! And
I know, it is the Lakes and that means hills! The weather was
glorious, but due to the rain the previous night it was rather damp
underfoot and we managed to walk through a bog or too. Still the
views from the top were spectacular, and we found the cache as well,
I think I’d have been in trouble if we’d not found this one either.

The View
After the walk, we went to Grasmere and had lunch sat outside in
glorious sunshine overlooking the river, it was almost too hot! We
could have been abroad.

KatieScary Swing
After lunch and a play in the park, it was starting to cool off, so
we ventured up to Keswick and the Pencil Museum. One of those places
I’ve driven past before but never actually visited. The kids really
enjoyed it, and we were in there for ages. It’s not very big but
they get a quiz to do and there are lots of pencils for colouring.
A coffee and a cake in Keswick and then it was time to head home, we
had 2 very sleepy kids on the way back!

All in all it was a really lovely weekend.



  1. I caught your blog from a search for geocaching on Google. It looks like you are having a great time. And that’s a great photo of the view.

    My wife and I have been geocaching for less than a year, and we have over 200 finds. Our blog is all about geocaching. If you are interested, stop by and say hello. We always like greeting new friends online.

    The Northwoods Geocats

  2. It looks like you had a great weekend – I remember that cafe in Grasmere from years ago – some places change very slowly!

  3. This reminds me of a visit we made here a few years ago. We took a self catering place near the airport, it worked out better than a hotel, and we had a hire car so getting around was OK. Is this common? We didn’t come across any others but it seemed quite practical in a place like this.

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