Another Digi layout

I’ve signed up for another Digi class at, this one
is the intermediate class and already things are getting trickier!
With the first class I could do most of the layouts in an hour or so
but this has taken me all evening. Still the whole family is learning
Photoshop, I’ve had Katie hovering over my shoulder telling me what
to do, and Phil keeps popping in and out to see what we have learned
so far.

This is Molly playing with her babies in the driveway, the photo is a
couple of years old but I rather liked it. You can’t see the babies
as I’ve had to crop them out – it seems I tend to zoom in close on
most of my photos, and a lot of these class layouts use further away
shots, and then zoom in on the layout which is making life a little
tricky. I guess as a paper scrapper I would have never used a photo
that large, hence my always zooming in, so I could get a nice image
of Molly in a 5×7 rather than a 4×12.


One comment

  1. That’s lovely Bev, and very clever 🙂

    Gorgeous pic of Molly, too.

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