I am so Blessed & Cherished.

I have some of the most lovely friends. I met them online and I don’t see them in person very often, but they are brilliant. We all had a great time at Gibside a few weeks ago , and laughed and laughed at the journalling on some of the layouts in the scrapbooking magazines. We stayed up until 4am gossiping and drinking wine, and we even did some scrapbooking. It was a brilliant weekend.

This weekend is my birthday, and I have just received the most gorgeous present from them – it’s full of photos of me laughing and giggling and generally looking very silly whilst having a bloody good time with these friends.

Someone once said a picture was worth a thousand words,  so I give you 8000 words.

Thank you girls,  it’s gorgeous.



  1. Happy birthday Bev,
    Thats a more loving present than a cruise!
    I love the page with the Crocs – its so you!
    Love and Kisses from the Netherlands!

  2. It’s grand to see it all put together. Have a fabulous birthday Young One, xx

  3. What a wonderful gift!! You have some amazing friends. Lovely mini.

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