Berlin Day 1


My gorgeous hotel room

My gorgeous hotel room

After a very early start,  we arrived at the hotel in Berlin just before lunchtime.  The hotel is beautiful,  it’s very new and very comfortable.  

Dawn testing out the kitchen

Dawn testing out the kitchen

I could stay here for months,  it’s really really nice.  After we had settled in,  we decided to go for a walk and find some lunch.  We ended up at a nice restaurant where we had the biggest meals we have ever eaten.  Check out Robs burger!







After lunch we walked back through the old East Berlin.  It was a real mixture of beautiful older buildings and less attractive blocks of flats.  



Buildings in Berlin

Buildings in Berlin

We saw lots of blocks of flats that looked like this


Blocks of Flats

Blocks of Flats



  1. Isn’t that last photo the site where they filmed some of the Moscow scenes in the Bourne films – there are a lot of films shot in East Berlin pretending to be Moscow as it’s much cheaper if you can believe.

  2. Hmm, I don’t know but now I will have to google Moscow Bourne films and see what I can turn up. We just randomly walked past it and I thought it looked interesting.

  3. I think it’s the end of the The Bourne Supremacy, where he’s been shot and is hobbling away in the huge square courtyard enclosed by these blocks – it looks very similar to the layout and signs that you could see in the behind the scenes documentary. But I bet there are countless identical blocks and neighbourhoods in E. Berlin. LOL

    But hey, you can always pretend you stood where Matt Damon did! :oP

  4. I would think that the building design is from a standard design. So you will get lots of buildings from the Eastern block looking like one another.

    (Just like in the UK when many high schools from the 50’s and 60’s are based upon the same design. The successful construction system was licensed to local authorities across the UK.)

    Oops Sorry that was a bit nerdy.

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