I woke up far too early as the light was coming in the window, after a battle with a broken shower, I was up and out by 8:45. It was a really lovely morning, so I walked down to the U Bahn station and went to meet Penny. I came up out of the station and had no idea which way Penny’s house was. I’ve been there before but I was completely disoriented. As I was pondering which way to go Detmar came running pass. Hello, he shouted, I am late and Penny will be along shortly.
Now I knew the direction to walk, so I headed along to Penny and it started to look familiar. Penny;’s car appeared, so she picked me up and we went off to get breakfast. Unfortunately, breakfast didn’t open till 10 so we had to find something else to do. We went to a local park to feed the ducks with Sascha. It was lovely to see Sascha again, as she had changed loads since August. She was chatting away, telling me all sorts of news, unfortunately all in German so I missed most of it.

After feeding the ducks we went to the restaurant, but it was reservations only so we couldn’t be seated. Sashca had spotted watermelon and was very excited by it, so the waitress was lovely and gave her a piece before we left. We were now a bit stumped, but headed into town and found a really nice place in Kreuzberg. I had pancakes and syrup, not very german but really delicious. Penny had something with watermelon so Sascha was very happy.
After a leisurely breakfast, Penny took me back to my hotel to get some warmer clothes, as it was decidedly chilly. I phoned the others to try and meet up with them, but they were lost somewhere near the televison tower. Penny then took me over to the Brandenburg Gate where we were to meet our tour and I wondered if I would find the others when they suddenly appeared. They had taken the sensible option and got a taxi.

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

We were taking a tour so we stood around wondering how to join the tour,  it wasn’t particularly clear but we did end up heading off on a tour with Maria a Swedish Japanese actress who gave us a brilliant tour.  She showed us all around East Berlin,  covering the major sites and explaining the history of Berlin.  She was extremely interesting to listen to and the time passed quickly.   We were on the tour for 4 hours and it was rather chilly but other than the cold it was a great experience.  In the middle of the tour we stopped at a lovely cafe for hot chocolates made with real lumps of chocolate with hot frothy milk poured over the top – it was gorgeous.

Our tour finished on Unter Den Linden and just across the road was a gluwein stand,  so we had some gluwein,  and then wandered back through the streets to our hotel.
We were all a bit tired,  so we went swimming and recouperated for a while,  and then headed out for some dinner.   We found a lovely Italian restaurant and had a meal.   The waiter was very keen for us to try the special which was a truffle spaghetti,  Rob decided to try it with the rest of us opting  for the Pizza.  The waiter made the spaghetti at the table,  it was actually made on top of a parmesan cheese.  It was quite unusual,  and to be honest,  none of us particularly liked it,  but it was certainly unique,
After dinner we walked back to the hotel and sat in the lobby by a lovely fire.


One comment

  1. HI Bev,

    Good to talk to youy tonight.
    Sound s like Berlin was city trip that had stuff for everyone to enjoy. PLeased it was such a success.

    Me and the kids miss you lots.

    Love phil

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