We had to check out today,  which was really disappointing as we had really enjoyed staying in our lovely hotel.  After a lazy morning,  we met up around 10,  checked out and went back to the lovely cafe from the tour for breakfast.  We had sandwiches and I had more hot chocolate,   it was a great start to the day. 

The hot chocolate is served like this     From Berlin and Poland Trip
but after you stir it, this is what you get 

After breakfast we decided to walk up to the Bundestag for a tour.  We made our way up there,  and waited in the queue.  While we were waiting, there was a puppet show to keep us entertained.  After about half an hour,  we hadn’t really moved,   so we gave up and decided to go shopping.  We walked over to the new train station, which is really impressive all glass and chrome.   We got the S Bahn to Zoo in the heart of what was West Germany and visited the K. W. Church.   This is a ruined church which has been left as  a memorial.    After visiting the church,  we walked down the Ku Damm to Ka De We,  which is the biggest dept store in Berlin.  We took a look around ,and had some lunch in a beautiful cafe on the top floor.  It was like a massive conservatory,  and the food was lovely.

After lunch and some shopping,  we walked through the streets and did some more shopping, and eventually decide to get the U-Bahn back to the hotel.  We got on the train ok,  and then I misread the map and thought we were going the wrong way so we got off the train  but we were right so we got on the next train and found our way back to our station,  StadtMitte.  We were a bit early to go to the hotel so we had a coffee in a cafe and then walked to the hotel to collect our cases and get a taxi up to the airport.

The taxi was a bit of a squash as we had a lot of cases,  so I ended up with a case on my lap which was not particularly comfortable.   The plan was to meet Bev H off her flight and then all get on a minibus to Poland.  But trying to explain to the taxi driver that we wanted to go to arrivals was challenging.  Obviously,  we had just come out of a hotel and all had cases,  so he presumed we didn’t understand each other and really wanted to take us to departures.  Eventually I decided to give my German a go and was able to tell him,  my friend is flying from Amsterdam and we want to meet her.  I was really rather proud of this as without it, I am not sure where we would have ended up.

We did find BevH off her flight,  and then found our minibus driver,  who took the 5 of us, plus a Polish guy who was coming home from Australia,  over to Poland.  It was really useful having the Polish guy in the bus as he was able to translate for the driver.   We had been driving for about an hour when the roads got really bad,   incredibly bumpy and we all assumed we had arrived in Poland,  but no,  the driver told us,  these were German roads and the roads would be better in poland,  and he was right.  I was quite surprised, as I assumed German roads would all be excellent but these were incredibly bumpy and they were motorways.

We stopped at the Polish border to change some currency (no passport checks),  and then dropped off the Polish traveller in Szcezin and drove onto Goleniow.  It was abotu 10pm when we finally arrived at our hotel,  and Magda & Magda were waiting to greet us,   it was lovely to see them and they showed us into the restaurant where a meal was waiting for us,  so we had some cold meats and pasta for dinner and then off to bed.



  1. Sounds like you’re having a brilliant time 🙂

  2. Good to hear you made the most of your time in Berlin

  3. Margaret · · Reply

    Sounds like you had a great time Bev. We did the church last year – beautiful, as well as Ka De We. We would have gone again in 2009, but there was just so much to fit in. The hot chocolate looks delicious.

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