Wednesday. Wet n Wild in Poland






Today we were collected by coach for a trip to the seaside.   The baltic sea is about 2 hours drive north of here.  there were only 13 of us on a big coach so we had plenty of space!

We drove through forests and countryside,  we didnt really see many other towns on the way.  The town we visited, Miedzyzdroje, is a very popular seaside resort for German and Polish tourists,  although possibly not in November.

Our first stop was to look at a lake, and then we went for a walk through the forest to a small zoo where we saw some Bison, deer and other native animals.  Rob also found the worlds largest potato.  It was a nice walk through the woods but on the way back it started to rain,  and then it didn’t really stop the rest of the day.

After the walk,  we went down to the pier to have lunch.  The lunch area of the pier was inside,  so we sat and dried off while we had pizza or pasta.  I had a spaghetti carbonara which was lovely.   After a very relaxing lunch break we went out for a walk along the pier and beach.   it was a little damp….  and rather bracing….  but in a bizarre way it was kind of fun.  I think.   We walked all the way to the end of the pier, and felt rather proud of ourselves.  I honestly thought we were going to get blown off,  and insanity did cross my mind.


The Slovakians had never seen the sea before,  so they were really excited and collected pebbles and shells as we walked along the beach.     After our walk,  we were all rather wet but in good spirits 🙂



We got back onto the bus and drove about halfway back to Goleniow and then we stopped for a meal at a very traditional Polish restaurant. I had some Kielbasa and Pierogies and was quite happy. The restaurant was in a beautiful converted barn and was really warm and welcoming


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