Going Underground

Today we visited the city of Szczecin, it is the nearest city to Goleniov. We started by visting a castle, and then we saw the ‘New Old Town’, this is a new area that has been built on the site of the former old town. It is being built so that it looks like it is old.

After the castle Magda took us to the train station, it was not a very pretty train station and I didn’t know why she was taking us there but she said it was a surprise. We entered into a very normal looking station, and then waited by a door marked ‘Underground’, after a few minutes a guide appeareed and she took us on a really interesting tour of an Air Raid shelter which was hidden under the train station. The tour was fascinating but a little bit spooky, they played the Air Raid siren for us and it really gave me a chill to think of hiding there in the dark while the world was going mad above you.  

Air Raid Shelter


Most of Szczecin was destroyed in the war, but the Embankment area was left, noone knows why but it has some beautiful buildings so it was very lucky that they survived. We were to this area for lunch and a look at the buildings, and then afterwards we went shopping. On Tuesday we had seen some very old-fashioned shops in the town of Goleniov, but here in the city there was a new modern shopping centre, like the MetroCentre only smaller.   Funnily enough,  I did a spot of shopping,  picking up some biscuits which Nat had recommended, and some other presents that had better remain secret for now.

After shopping it was time to return to Goleniov, and get ready for our farewell dinner. It was in a restaurant in Goleniov and we were the only people in there.  I am not sure if the restaurant doesn’t open during the week,  if it was quiet,  or if they knew we were coming and told the other people we would be too noisy. 

Magda & Magda

We had a great evening with lots of laughing, and we all tried some Vodka.   It was quite bittersweet as we were really having a laugh but we knew it was our last evening and we would have to say goodbye. The 2 Magdas had been brilliant hostesses, and we are really sad to leave them.   We also got to know more of the Slovaks today.  It has been more difficult as we have more of a language barrier, but we managed to bond by laughing at each other,  which is a universal language.

We are all really looking forward to meeting again when we host them in the UK.  I hope it will be as successful as Poland has been.

Magda and Magda, Dziekuje  


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  1. Aw, I can’t believe it’s over! I have been enjoying your daily reports. :oD

    Glad you managed to get some of those Jezyki biscuits. mmmmmmm.

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