Molly is my christmas star & Katie my drama queen.

Molly skating at the christmas show this afternoon.   I had 2 people videoing her, and neither did a marvellous job (sorry mum & phil),  but between them we’ve got most of the skate.


Katie chose a song from HSM3,  not a song I would have chosen myself, but she really liked it and it’s christmas.  Unfortunately,  her music finished early,  so she didn’t get to complete her programme,  I am not sure what happened,  if the CD stopped working,  or the announcer thought she was done,  but anyway,  the video ends kind of abrubtly due to the mixup.



  1. Hi from Holland, and well done both of you, you’ve done a grear job!
    Jolanda thinks both skates are great too!

  2. Very impressive! Thanks for your comment and I LOVE your accent!

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