Jane challenged me to blog more often, so I shall endeavour to find something to share occasionally.

This morning started off normally enough, I left for work ontime and headed around the corner and onto the main road. I had just pulled out when my foot dropped flat to the floor and the accelerator pedal stopped working. I was manically pressing my foot through the floor whilst quickly coming to the realization that it wasn’t working anymore. I actually thought it had fallen off.

I managed to coast into a nearby carpark and drifted to a stop in a fairly safe place. So I got out and rang Phil, like a complete girl, my car’s broken come and help me!!!
Then I took a look at the pedal. It was fortunately still attached, but the cable was completely snapped.

Phil and Molly came round to rescue me, and Phil pushed it into a parking space.

As it has happened, it was a fairly minor event, but it shook me up a little as I kept thinking , what if it had snapped on the motorway, or when I was overtaking. It was very lucky that it went where it did, and I was able to stop in a safe place quite easily.

It’s made us both think we need to start thinking about changing our cars though. I quite fancy a little Mini, and Phil would like a Land Rover.

Well, we can dream….


One comment

  1. I can’t beleive you blogged, and I missed it!
    Just got back to checking your site after having (almost) no spare time for weeks and the post is two weeks old!
    I am pleased you were able to coast to a stop and not have an accident, but I quess the repair has been made now!
    I promise to look more often if you promise to post sometimes! You don’t have to have a car breakdown before you post!

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