I’ve been scrapbooking

Some friends and I chat online quite often, and we realised recently that we’d been chatting for 5 years. That’s an awful lot of gossip!

In celebration of all that hot air, we had a little cybercrop, and I did some layouts last night. Its been a while since I did much scrapbooking at home, and I rather enjoyed it. Katie and Molly did a few pages too.

Here are our efforts


Let's DanceThis page is by Molly

Let's Dance

Born 2 Dance

Born 2 Dance, page by Katie

This is Katie’s picture folderTresspasses Will

Tresspasses Will

The rest are all my pages, based in cybercrop classes

Granny Flo

This is me, Scuba Diving in Cyprus in 1994.

Diving in Cyprus

Our nickname for Epcot,  from when Katie was tiny and couldn’t say Epcot.



One comment

  1. Fab layouts Bev, love Epricot – it has a nice ring to it 🙂

    Thanks for a smashing cybercrop. It was bostin’ fun!

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