Spring Break: Geordie style.


Not a lot of beach...

Not a lot of beach...

It’s the first day of the easter holidays today,  and whilst Katie was off making Jewellry at a class,  Molly wanted to go to the beach.  We live about 3 minutes from the beach and I go as rarely as possible,  it’s just not something that appeals to me,  all that sand between your toes and avoiding the dog poo,  I can do without it.  Of course,  we don’t live on the Costa Del Sol,  I might like the beach a bit more if it was accompanied by scorching on hot temperatures and ice cold cocktails.


As I’d promised,  we headed down there,  I cleverly picked the carpark near the cafe so when I’d had enough we could head in for a coffee,  I’m not daft 😉

First problem,  the tide was up so there wasn’t an awful lot of beach to play on,  secondly,  it was freezing cold and very windy,  and then theres the dog poo….

We settled on a brisk walk from one set of steps to the next.  I expected a great deal complaints about the briefness of the visit to the beach,  but I think even Molly could see it wasn’t ideal beach conditions. 

I thought I’d entertain myself with some photography,  so I took a lovely shot of the lighthouse.   If you squint you might be able to see it,  i promise you it is there,  but I shan’t be blowing it up and hanging it on my wall!

The lighthouse and the sea fret...

The lighthouse and the sea fret...

So,  we wandered along the beach,  Molly picking up stones and generally trying to appreciate the beach,  and me reminding that the tide was coming in,  and we’d be drowning if she didn’t get a move on 😉  Eventually (it took at least 6 minutes) we made it along the beach and up to the prom.  We shook the sand out of our shoes and took a few more photos,  and headed back to the cafe.  Ordered a couple of drinks and some tunnocks teacakes and sat by the window looking at the sea.  Now I was happy,  this is how I like to enjoy the seaside,  from behind glass with a hot drink and a choccy biscuit in my hand.


it's not exactly bikini weather

it's not exactly bikini weather



Whilst we were sat,  we were entertained by the road sweeper who was attempting to clean the prom.  He was going around in circles,  back and forth & side to side attempting to pick up a specific bit of dog poo,  but he missed it every time,  until he hit it,  not with the cleaning brush but with his tyre and he made the mess much worse than it originally was.  Molly and I got much amusement out of this 🙂


After the entertainment was over,  and the coffee finished we headed back to the car,  approximately 45 minutes after we had arrived , not a bad ‘afternoon’ at the beach for me…..



  1. ahh! nostalgia! Those holidays down on the beach with your woolly jumper over your bikini, toes a delicate blue colour, and hands so numb with cold you couldn’t get the sand off your feet before you put your socks and shoes on!
    Was life simpler then?
    Love the picture of the lighthouse in the sea fret!

  2. I rather like the photo of the lighthouse. It’s quite atmospheric. Bostin’ in fact!

    I lived by the sea in Bournemouth for about five months and loved it. I was down on that beach for a walk most days and it was winter then. Probably a bit milder than oop north though, eh?

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