Been Sewing


A few weeks ago a friend of mine shared some gorgeous handbags she had
made. I was quite inspired, but not quite ready to try a handbag,
so I bought some lovely fabric and then pondered what to do with it.

There was the very real risk of the fabric sitting in my pile and
never being made into anything, but I really didn’t want that to
happen, so today I decided to make some lunch bags. I really like
the size of the Bloomindales Little Brown Bags, so that is the sort
of shape/size I was hoping for, and I found these instructions which
seemed to follow that idea. The instructions don’t have handles on,
so I added some with ribbon, the blue gingham ribbon was perfect but
that was all I had, so I have 2 very short handles on my bag. Katie
chose a thinner ribbon and longer handles, and Molly chose some very
sheer ribbon so I plaited it to try and give it a bit of strength.

The next question is how well they will hold up with lunch in them,  we shall find out tomorrow.



  1. Ooh, very nice Bev 🙂

  2. These are very cute – you are clever!

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