A couple of skating related updates.

Molly at the Annuals that never was.Last weekend was the Whitley Bay Annuals,  the big excitement was that it was to be Molly’s first proper skating competition.   The morning started well,  we all got up at 4:30,  dressed in competition finery and hair done, and it was off to the rink.

I left the kids in the waiting area and sat down to watch,  I’d been sitting for about 2 minutes when the power went out.  We were all escorted outside to wait,  and then eventually it came back on and we went back in and started again,  unfortunatly the power just wasn’t reliable and after it went off for the third time the competition was cancelled.

So,  no video of Molly’s first competition but here is a photo taken outside whilst we waited for the power to return.

Unfortunately,  the competition has been rescheduled for a weekend when the girls are on holiday wiht granny,  so she will have to wait until October for her next chance to compete.


Katie didn’t have to wait quite so long,  as she was competing in Hull this weekend.  We have been to Hull a few times now, and it’s always a lovely competition,  I really like the rink there,  it’s nice and bright and warm!  It was a very hot day and we were all roasting in the ice rink,  it’s not often we are sat by the side of the rink complaining about the heat.

Katie had a lovely skate,  and after a rather funny fall in the warmup (sadly not caught on film),  she managed to land everything when it really counted.   She ended up in 7th place.


and here are a few photos

Katie at Hull


One comment

  1. Hi there – just popped in to see if there was a post, and again saw a really nice video of Katie skating!
    Looking forward to mollies video – eventually when she is albe to compete in October!

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