Trip to Orlando – Day 2

The beds are comfortable and I have a lovely nights sleep until I wake up. Phil says is 6am which doesn’t seem too bad considering the jetlag etc. Katie wakes up and she’s in a bit of a grumpy mood and really cross with Molly for being fast asleep. I suggest that Katie and Phil go out for a walk around Pop to check out all the buildings, so they get dressed and I glance at the clock and realise it’s not 6am it’s 4am! Undeterred they head off for their walk anyway. I do wonder what the ducks will make of the early morning wanderers. They are gone for quite a long time, and I pretend to go back to sleep. Eventually they return and Molly wakes up, we pack back up and head out for some breakfast. We drive down to the 192 and stop at Perkins for breakfast. I fancy some pancakes, and we end up with massive amounts of pancakes, sausages, eggs and hashbrowns. It’s all very delicious and costs around $30.

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We stop in at Walmart on the way back to Disney and buy a pair of Net10 phones, and a few other park essentials (bottles of water, spray fan, sunglasses, hats etc) and walk out $120 lighter. The staff in Walmart set up the phones for us, so by the time we leave Walmart we have 2 fully functioning phones. Next stop, Magic Kingdom!

We park up in Pluto and have a small family argument about which bag the autograph book’s are in. I attempt to unpack 2 weeks worth of stuff in the boot of the car to find them, whilst a CM tells me to move to the front of my car for safety, Eventually we give up, and Katie has a huff whilst we take the tram and then the monorail around to the park. Even on the monorail, I still can’t really believe we are here, it’s been a really long week and I think we are all dazed a little bit. We enter the park, and I take a deep breath and try and take it all in. Katie has calmed down a little, we decide not to see any characters today since we have no autograph books so we walk past them all in the hub and have a photopass picture taken in front of the castle. The castle complete with Crane!!! There’s actually quite a lot of work being done and there are hoardings covering lots of buildings

. Photo taken, Molly decides the first ride must be …….. wait for it …… It’s a Small World. Yup, all those months of planning and studying touring plans, and we head directly to IASW. We pick up a Peter Pan fast pass on the way, and then ride IASW. I have heard there are characters mixed in with the dolls but I can’t spot any. We have about an hour before we can use the Fast Pass, so we walk around to Mickey’s Philharmagic and walk straight on. The theatre is quite empty and I am wondering where August’s crowds are, as it’s not very busy at all. After Philharmagic we still have half an hour, so we go to my favourite, Pirates of the Caribbean! As I walk up, I can remember reading a really good tip – all the crowds go left, so we should go right, or maybe it was all the crowds go right, so we should go left. I realise I have no idea which it was! So we go right and have to wait in a short queue, the left side was a walk on. Never mind, we will definitely remember next time. It’s not a long ride, and we are off, ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’…… We come out through the shop, and try on a few Piratey hats, before heading outside where there is a show going on. The kids love it, but I have a hard time watching, as I know the previous Capt. Jack has died very recently, and whilst I know ‘the show must go on’, I can’t help feeling sad that it’s all going on as if nothing had happened. Katie requests a visit to the Tiki Rooms, so what the heck in we go. I’ve been in here loads, but must have blocked it out, as I spent the whole show thinking, I don’t think this happened last time. Phil tells me it was exactly the same as the last 4 shows. A quick stop at the restrooms (no gaps!) and we are using our fast pass on Peter Pan. After Peter Pan, we are all thirsty/hungry, so we decide we want a snack. We head over to Scuttles Landing to get a frozen lemonade but they don’t sell frozen lemonade, so we are sent around to another stall to find them. On the way, we pick up Winnie the Pooh fast passes, but Phil has some problems with the tickets. We will find out later if they are going to work anymore. He thinks maybe his phone has affected them. Whilst he is getting the fastpasses, we watch a Marching Band perform. I spent many years in a Marching Band, so spend a few minutes thinking I am back at Lehigh watching my friends. I swear half the band looks familiar.

We find the frozen lemonade, but no Mickey Bars. The CM tells me something I should have learned years ago, Mickey Bars are sold at stalls with blue umbrellas – How did I not know this? Mickey Bars are purchased and after about half an hour of faffing around we are suitable refreshed. We still have half an hour before FP time, so walk around to Toon Town, we wander along the secret path between Tomorrowland and Toontown and arrive near Goofy’s Barnstormer. Still no lines, so Phil takes the girls on for a ride, and I take a look in the shop, it’s Molly’s birthday next week so I am looking for ideas. They are back quite quickly and we walk back to Pooh, they spend 5 minutes in the playarea and then we are on the ride. After Pooh, I decide that we are heading quickly towards a melt-down, hot, tired kids, and it’s starting to get busy now, so we head out of the park and back to the car (via the boat, Molly’s choice).

We find the Beach Club and pull in to the parking area and  I head off to find Bell Services to get our bags (not travelling so lightly now, 2 cases, 3 carryons, case of water, case of cola, and 4 carrier bags….) and we valet park and head inside. Check in is very fast, and we are given our room number 549. We find the studio and bell services arrive with our bags very quickly and we settle in. It’s really really lovely. I wasn’t sure how small a studio would feel, but the night at Pop was money well spent, as it has made the studio feel massive.

We quickly unpack, and decide to have a late lunch at Beaches and Cream and then a swim in the pool. We are seated quickly at B&C, and order (Roast Beef Sandwich, Chicken Cesear Salad, 2 kids meals, – total $42 + tip.) While we were eating, 2 people had Kitchen Sink’s, so we watched them making the Kitchen Sinks, and then bringing them out. They look quite sickly to be honest, but its good fun.

After lunch, we head out to the pool, but unfortunately it’s pouring with rain and they have closed the pool – Molly is furious as she was really looking forward to the swim. We walk back up to our room, and it stops raining almost immediately but the pools remain closed for quite some time. I think the concern is that there is lightening in the area. Up in the room, I Dibb for a while, Phil sleeps and the kids watch Zac & Cody. It does storm quite strongly so the pool really wouldn’t have been the best option. After relaxing for a couple of hours, the skys have cleared so we go down for the swim. The pool is massive, and confusing and I can’t quite work out it out, we head into the shallow end initially but it’s extremely shallow, so we move into the ‘lazy river’, we haven’t got tubes so this is most definitely not lazy and requires some serious swimming. Katie finds an abandoned tube, so the girls pile into that and I try and hang onto the side and we do a couple of circuits like that. Then we move into the main pool area, which is fairly deep in places and has a sandy bottom. The girls decide they want to go down the slide, so Phil took them up and I waited at the bottom to catch Molly. Eventually Molly slid down and swam straight off with no problems, she was fine. We go back up to the room and get changed, then go out to Sweet Tomatoes for tea. I have a 2 for 1 coupon, so it comes to $31 for 4 meals, and it’s really quite good. We go to to the store to get Bagels for breakfst and Molly falls asleep in the car.  When we get back to the hotel, Phil manages to carry her all the way from car to room without her even flickering,  I think it’s been a long day.


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  1. Gah so jealous of the Sweet Tomatoes fix especially… what is their special now? Did they still have the strawberry lemonade on? I love that half and half with regular lemonade. Oh and the broccoli orange salad… and won ton happiness… and so much more. hehe

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