Trip to Orlando, Day 3

We finally get a good nights sleep and all wake up around 9am, it’s bliss, although not very good for the commando touring plans! We make some bagels in the room for breakfast, and potter around getting ready very slowly. I get a call from Fiona and we arrange to meet up for a drink later this evening. We finally leave the room to walk over to Epcot about 11am, this is about 3hours later than my plan suggests!

We walk to the International Gateway, and Phil gets straight in, but Katie, Molly and I are all rejected. I explain to the CM that we have had a problem and suspect a mobile phone has caused it, and he scans a barcode on them and has us rescan our fingers and lets us in. We walk through England and Canada, completely against the flow of traffic, as world showcase has just opened and everyone is walking into the countries. Our first stop is Soarin’ for a Fastpass, but the return time is not until 2.45. We take one but suspect we won’t get back in time.

We leave the Land and take a visit with Nemo at the Living Seas, I really like this new ride and it’s a walk-on, so it’s a winner all round. After Nemo the kids play in the shark area for a while, and then we go and talk with Crush. This is really clever but I overhear a family discussing it, they describe it as just like ‘Laugh Floor but not funny’ which I thought was a bit mean as i thought it was quite amusing.

Next we want to ride Spaceship Earth, or Epcot as Molly calls it. She was quite cross on our last trip as we couldn’t go to ‘Epcot’, and no amount of assurance that we were indeed in Epcot would satisfy her. We walk over via Innoventions which I am ashamed to admit we have never stopped in, it’s always just been a shortcut to a destination. On the way out of Innoventions we notice the Kim Possible stands, they look really interesting and we decide that on our next trip to Epcot we will be doing some KP Missions. There is actually a queue for Spaceship Earth, quite a long one, which I have never seen before, but we wait and it is only about 20 minutes or so and then we are on. This is the newly revamped ride and it’s pretty good, although I can’t quite get used to Judi Dench commentating. I like the changes, and the computer generated scenes at the end work really well and are quite funny. I ride with Molly who is convinced this is a rollercoaster, and keeps pointing out to me that we keep going up, so we must be coming down at some point. My assurances that we will come down slowly are met with a little suspicion. She is engrossed with the screens on the ride down, and is quite confused when we disembark – where was the fast bit? When we exit the ride there is a large screen showing where each guest is from and the UK is very brightly illuminated. There must be a lot of Brits in Epcot today.

We have been in the park for about an hour, so it must be time for lunch! We’ve never eaten at the electric umbrella, so we give that a go. It’s quite good, we get a kids wrap, ceasar salad & greek salad and shared it around.It was about $30 for the 3 meals. After lunch, we are conveniently located right next door to Mouse Gear, so it would be rude not to pop in and have a browse. Molly chooses a Minnie Mouse bumbag to match the one Katie has had for a few years. She is really pleased with it and immediately puts it on along with autograph book and pen.

Our next stop is Mexico where we ride the new ride, on the way out we bump into Donald in his Mexican gear. There is a really fun CM organising the line, and he chats with the kids and has them laughing whilst we wait. Donald is in a fun mood too and tickles the girls and steals Molly’s pen after the autograph.

we wander around the world showcase, just soaking in the atmosphere, then head back to the  Beach Club to pick up the car when it starts to rain, and around here, when it starts to rain, it doesn’t mess about, within minutes it’s chucking it down. Fortunately we are very close to the Beach Club so we dive into the nearest door and make our way through the hotel back to our room where we dry off and then go and collect the car and drive to Downtown Disney where I have arranged to meet a friend from University. Kathy is also at Disney on vacation, so we are meeting at Ghiradelli’s for an ice-cream. As we are driving up, I spot Kathy waiting as she hasn’t changed a bit. We all go into Ghiradellis for some sundaes and spend an hour catching up on life after University and Disney holidays. We had found each other on Facebook, it is, as they say, a small world after all.

We take a wander through the World of Disney, Katie & I are looking for ideas for Molly’s birthday next week, but we really aren’t sure, Molly seems to like everything she passes but I can’t quite determined what is her favorite thing, she just says it all looks good. After shopping, we are headed back to the Beach Club, where we have plans to meet another friend, Fiona & her girls are eating at Cape May so we have a cocktail with them before dinner. I have a mudslide and it’s rather lovely. I remember to drink it very slowly as the last time I had one I drank it far too quickly and was then disappointed when it was finished.

Fiona’s daughters take Molly and Katie for a walk around the Boardwalk (actually I rather suspect Molly took the other 3 for a walk) and they came back with some snacks from the Boardwalk sweet shop. We arrange to meet up at AK in the morning, and then say our goodbyes. We decide to go to the Dolphin for tea and eat at Picabu which is one of my favorites, for $25 we get a chicken, bread and 3 sides (mash, stuffing & sweetcorn). I think it’s a bit of a bargain, and it’s really yummy too. We wander back with the intention of watching Illuminations, but we are too tired so we just head off to bed.

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