Trip to Orlando – Day 5

We have a booking for Cape May for Breakfast, so we are up fairly early and head down to breakfast. We have a short wait so we take some photographs in the lobby. It’s a really beautiful hotel and I haven’t really taken many pictures of it. We are seated quite quickly, and head up to the breakfast buffet. There’s the usual hot food, eggs, bacon, waffles, sausages, cooked tomatoes (which turns out to be cold tomato relish!), plus muffins, croissants, danishes etc, fruit, cereal and bagels and toast, pretty much anything you could want except pancakes. The hot food isn’t very hot, so I am a little disappointed, but we do all have plenty to eat. Goofy comes around and he is in a bit of a hurry, but later on Minnie comes around and she is brilliant.

She makes a big fuss of Molly’s dress, and ‘talks’ to the girls for ages. We are finished eating by now, but we wait for Donald and when we arrives he doesn’t disappoint. Molly has brought a little Donald down to breakfast and he thinks it’s great and steals it whilst he goes round the other tables. I think Molly was concerned she wasn’t going to get it back. Breakfast costs $90 as Katie is considered an adult now. I did briefly consider saying she was only 9 but I don’t like to lie. I think $90 for breakfast is ridiculous though, and we didn’t really feel it was value for money so I left with mixed feelings, Minnie and Donald were brilliant, but Goofy and the food were disappointing, I’d give it only 5 out of 10.

The girls really want to go swimming and I need to so some laundry, so we have a lazy morning. This is out last day at the Beach Club and the pool was the main reason we booked here, so Phil takes them in the pool for most of the morning. I put the laundry in and then Dibb for a while. The laundry room is free for DVC members but the detergent is $1. Unfortunately, the vending machine is empty, so I walk down to the shop to buy some and it’s $1.75. I am not amused. I know it’s only 75 cents, but that’s a big difference. I go back to the laundry room and put the clothes in, and a cleaning man is in there. I complain to him about the detergent and he kind of shrugs. I decide I am over reacting, but he comes back 5 minutes later and gives me 2 free boxes of detergent. The morning is fairly boring to report but very relaxing, I just pop up and down to check the laundry now and again, and at one point I go down to watch the swimming.

I try to video Molly coming down the big slide, but I miss her every time.


By 2pm we are ready to head out for the day, and we decide to walk along to Hollywood Studios (it will always be MGM to me). We walked from the Boardwalk last year, but it’s just a little bit further from the Beach Club and Molly suffers a severe case of achey legs. Phil and I are both wondering if the afternoon will be a disaster as she moans and groans her way towards the park. We do make it, and once again our tickets don’t work as we try to enter the park, so we head into guest services and ask them to issue new tickets which they do without a problem. As we enter the park, it’s nearly parade time, so we find a spot on some steps by American Idol and wait for the parade. Phil runs over to the Toy Story ride but the fastpasses are long gone, which doesn’t surprise me. The CM tells us the parade will stop right in front of us and do a 10 minute show, but we can see it down the street and it’s not stopping, the CMs look really confused and are asking each other what’s going on. The parade comes by but it’s not stopping, we thinking they are trying to get it finished before the rain starts. It’s quite good fun, even if it is a little quick to pass us by.

We are quite hungry by now, and grumpy Molly wants Pizza, so rather than argue with her we go to Pizza Planet for Pizza. This is stright out of Toy Story and my idea of hell, a big warehouse full of arcade games. We order some pizza and find a quiet spot upstairs. We get the kids, kids pizzas and they are tiny, so it’s really more of a snack than a meal. We decide on a plan of action, we will do Muppets 3D, then walk around to watch the HSM show. Into Animation Tour, and then some dessert as lunch wasn’t very big.

As we walk over to Muppets 3D, I show Molly the key under the mat, and the CM tells her to be sure to leave it under the mat as he will need it to lock up tonight. We watch the show, and when we come out it’s raining pretty hard, so we don our ponchos. They actually bear a lot more resemblance to a drycleaning bag, but they keep us fairly dry. After the Kali experience, I am taking no chances. The Cars are nearby so we have a photo with them

and then walk over to see the HSM show, it’s raining really hard now so they aren’t dancing but the stars are posing for photos, so we have a photo taken, we are not sure which characters they are though.

I take a look at Toy Story to see if the standby line has gone down due to the queues but it’s still showing 60 minutes, so we skip that and head into the Animation Tour. Here we see a short film about the history of animation, and then go through into an area filled with characters, there are absolutely loads of characters in here, I am not sure if this is because of the rain or if they are always here, but we see Mickey, Pocahontas, Mary Poppins, Chip & Dale and that was only about half the characters that are here. The Queen is in this area, so Molly goes up to meet her. Katie will not meet any villans but Molly is quite brave, so this is a new experience. She is very good and says “Child, can I help you’, so Molly very politely asks for an autograph. Another child wanders into the photo, so the Queen says ‘Child, go away’, she is brilliant.

The Characters from UP were here, but they had a really long queue and we haven’t seen the film, so we ignored them. The girls really want to try the area where you can learn to draw a character, so we go into this show and learn to draw Donald Duck. I am a little worried when the animator starts by saying ‘this is supposed to be fun, so no crying’, and it is in fact quite tricky. Molly really struggles as you have to start with a circle and her circle isn’t very round. It doesn’t help that she can’t really reach the desk from her chair.

I can see she is getting really frustrated, but she perseves and if you know what you are looking at you can see every element the animator described, they are just not all in quite the right place. Phil and Katie draw quite a good Donald, and mine is even recognisable, I am quite pleased with myself as I can’t draw at all. When we finally leave this area it’s nearly 7pm and the park is technically closing. We been in the Animation Tour for over 2 hours and cleverly avoided the worst of the rain. Although it’s park closing time, the finale of American Idol is just starting, so we manage to get in there just as they are closing the gates, another no queue/back row result. I am really not sure what to expect, but it is brilliant, really really good fun. There are 7 people singing, who have had to audition in the morning and then win one round earlier in the day to make it to the finale. There are 2 girls from the UK who are pretty good, Ernie, a guy who sings something like Drops of Venus ? who was excellent, and a young girl at the end who eventually wins who was superb. We are up out of our seats clapping along. They have 3 judges including a ‘Simon Cowell’ character who are really good, and the whole thing is just really well done. Ernie came second, and the Brits came nowhere. After the show, we walk out of the park and ‘get the ship’ back to our hotel. As we are sat on the ship, Ernie gets on board and everyone starts clapping and cheering, it’s a really good atmosphere. The skipper of the ship gets Ernie to come up to the front and sing for us, which he does to a rousing ovation.


Everyone is in great spirits and it feels like a party. The skipper sings ‘Swanea River’ only he changes the words so they are about the ‘Swan and Dolphin’ hotels and he gets a great cheer too. We eventually get back to the hotel and we are all saying this has been our best day yet, and we’ve hardly done anything but it’s been good. We never did have dessert, or any tea, so we stop into the marketplace at the BeachClub and get some hot sandwiches to take up to our room. We get 2x roast beef and brie, ham and cheese and a turkey kids meal, which comes to $40 – not exactly cheap for sandwiches but they were very good and there was no way we are going to go out for a meal as it is past 9pm. The sandwiches are really good, and then Phil and I talk about packing for the cruise, but instead we go to bed as it’s been a long day.

2 thoughts on “Trip to Orlando – Day 5

  1. Wow, what a day you managed, and I was worried it was such a wash out from mid afternoon onwards (when we were on the Magical Express to the airport). A 60 minute wait for Toy Story is nothing! I’m glad you finally got in that lovely pool. The Finale of American Idol sounds fantastic.

  2. Orlando is great. All the family obviously was having a really good time. It is so much fun being in Orlando. A really nice blog here. I hope you can see my many Florida travel blogs. I think you will like. All the best.

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