Trip to Orlando – Day 6

We have great intentions to get up early and get off to Cape Canaveral really early, but we sleep in and have to pack and it is decided that we need Krispy Kremes for breakfast, so it’s not the speedy departure I’d been hoping for. Krispy Kremes proves to be an unexpected hit, I knew the donuts would be good, but I didn’t realise there was a donut factory in the store. The kids spend ages watching the machine, which isn’t working quite right and producing some very oddly shaped donuts. The staff are throwing them out and trying to fix it. It’s all quite interesting.

Eventually we are on our way, and head out to the coast, it’s a fairly straightforward drive, not to exciting. Katie is reading Harry Potter so we never hear a peep out of her. Molly is singing Abba again. The lyrics haven’t really improved…

Eventually we cross the rivers and spot the ship. It’s a really beautiful looking ship, quite traditional looking. Molly spots Donald and the ‘twit-lets’ on the front of the ship, and coins a new family phrase. We park up and they take our bags. Phil then has to take the car to the carpark and we head into the terminal building. Whilst we wait for Phil, I sign the kids up for the kids club, and we meet Goofy. Katie and Molly also spent ages looking at a model of the Wonder. Phil arrives, and we check in, much like an airport, and then head straight onto the boat. I had expected lots of queuing but it’s all fairly painless and before we know it ‘The Stephenson Family from England’ are being announced and we are on. It’s quite a stunning looking atrium, and we stand and gawk for a few minutes, before being ushered into lunch. We opt to go upstairs and eat at Beach Blanket Buffet, on the top deck. It’s rather lovely, sitting in the sunshine, looking at the sea and eating lunch.


After lunch it’s announced that the cabins are ready, so we go and find ours. We are in a Category 11 and I am really not sure what to expect, but it’s very nice with lots of drawers and cupboards for storage. We settle in, and then go and explore. We take a look around the kids club areas and then waste about an hour whilst we wait for the life boat drill. The kids wanted to swim, and in hindsight we should have swam and then gone to the lifeboat drill in swimming costumes, but not realising that I thought we didn’t have time for swimming.

The drill didn’t take long and then we went up to the top deck for the sailaway party. This was excellent, the kids were really enjoying it and dancing and singing along with the cast.

P1130824 P1130811

After the party, it was time to get changed for dinner. We had an early seating so had dinner at 5.45 every night. Our first night was in Animators Palate, which is a restaurant which starts out black and white and then turns to colour throughout the evening. It was quite entertaining watching things change colour. We had a lovely meal, but I can’t remember what we had. I know I had chicken, and the kids had something with Jacket Potatoes on the side as the waiter was most surprised that they didn’t want fries as all the other kids were having fries. The waiter was excellent and did some magic tricks for the kids during the meal which Molly thought was brilliant. Just before dessert the room exploded into colour and all the waiters reappeared in coloured waistcoats. (Disney Magic, or reversible waistcoats? You decide!) After dessert, our head waiter appeared with a birthday cake for Molly. We were too full to eat it, but she thought it was brilliant.

a cake for molly
a cake for molly

After dinner we had some photos taken with Minnie , and then the kids went into the kids club for the evening. Molly asked to come out of the club to watch the show but Katie stayed there all evening. We had about an hour to relax before the show so we just walked around the ship seeing what was there, and then we collected Molly and went into see Golden Mickeys. After the show we collected Katie who was very reluctant to leave the kids club and returned to our cabin, where the sofa had become a bunk bed, and we had bedtime chocolates. Katie was so excited as she had made some friends at the club and thought it was brilliant. We finished the evening with a little birthday cake.

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