trip to Orlando – Day 7

Each evening we are given a Navigator with all the activities for the following day, so Katie and Molly had gone through it carefully and selected all the kids club things they must do. This left us with a very small window in which to visit Nassau. This was ok, as I hadn’t heard anything great about Nassau and we had nothing really planned, I just wanted to get off the ship and walk around and experience it. So, we were all up fairly early and ate breakfast in Tritons, A visit with a few Princesses and then we delivered the kids to the clubs and Phil and I were at a loose end for a few hours. We took a walk around deck 4 which took in some beautiful views and some more bizarre ones including a storage area full of ropes and equipment.

After our walk, we found a ‘secret’ deck at the front of Deck 7 and we sat and read for a while, but it was really really hot, so we had to escape after a short while. We looked in the shops, and then went upstairs and sat in the adults only area on the top deck for a frozen coffee and generally just relaxed for a while. The kids had lunch with the kids club, so we ate in Beach Blanket buffet. We sat inside this time as it was really hot. Molly was doing a cooking activity and when I went to collect her she was up front acting as chief chef ‘testing’ the cookies.


We collected Katie and headed off the ship about 2pm.

As you leave the terminal there are lots of people hassling you to get your hair braided or take a taxi ride. I had considered taking a horse and carriage ride, but it was really busy and the traffic was awful so we decided to walk, I think the horse and carriage ride would have been 60 minutes sitting in fumes looking at a traffic jam. We wandered down Bay Street, but we weren’t in the market for diamonds or cheap t-shirts so we didn’t really buy anything, we took a quick look in the Straw Market, and then walked back to the ship. It was really really hot, and the traffic was unreal. I can’t say I particularly enjoyed it, but I was pleased we went and had a look. We were getting back on the ship for 3.15 so it was really a very short visit.

As we boarded the ship I had an inspired idea. They were showing UP in the ship’s cinema at 3.30 and I really thought it looked a good film. So we all went in to see it. It was in 3D and the effects were really clever, I thought the 3D would be very much a gimmick but it worked very well. What can I say about UP, I enjoyed it, Phil enjoyed it. Molly was a little nervous but ok, and Katie, well, Katie enjoyed it until it got a bit scary and then she didn’t really like it at all, buy the time we left she was sobbing into Phil’s chest and I’m sure the others in the cinema thought we were terribly cruel parents. She is 11 though, and it’s a kids film, so I don’t feel too terribly guilty.

Friday evening was Pirate night, so we all went back to get changed and calm down a little, and then we headed down to dinner in our costumes. There were some brilliant costumes, some people had really made an effort, and I was pleased we had sorted something out. Dinner was in Parrot Cay, and again was superb service and good food. Lots and lots of good food.

The kids headed back into the kids clubs, and they said they didn’t want to see the show, so Phil and I went upto our room for a nap and then down to see Toy Story The Musical. The show was pretty good, but near the end we had a page to collect Molly, so Phil ducked out to get her. Apparently Captain Hook had come to the kids club and she decided she’d rather not be there!

We then tried to find Katie, who was with the kids club up on Deck 10 in the sports area. She didn’t really want to come with us, and insisted that all her friends were staying in the club until midnight. Being mean parents, we made her leave the club as we were going to the Pirate Party. The Party was held on the top deck and was very similar to the Sail Away party. It was good fun, and the kids really enjoyed it. It culminated in a fireworks display over the sea. Apparently there was a midnight feast afterwards, but we had 2 very tired kids (and 2 very tired parents for that matter) so we headed back to our cabin for bed.

2 thoughts on “trip to Orlando – Day 7

  1. Hi you guys, great to see you are having a fab time – my fav character so far is the Queen from Snow White – she must be loving her time at Disney……
    Just caught up with my blogs after a busy first week back at school for Jolanda, cannot believe you are still on holiday and we are organising homework and gym kit!
    Love from the dutch contingent xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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