Trip to Orlando – Day 10

Disclaimer – This is a bit lacking in details as I didn’t write it up until a few days later,  and my brain is old.  I have added a few extra pictures to compensae 😉

We have arranged to meet up for swimming with Dave and Bev,   so we are the first in the pool at 9am.  It’s lovely and peaceful and not too hot.    At 10am they open the slide,  so all the kids go down the slide a few times,  and then we go and get dressed as we are off to the Magic Kingdom.   It’s Dave & Bev’s last day,  so we arrange to meet for tea later.

We drove over to the Magic Kingdom,  and take the tram and the monorail to the park.   As we walk in,   we spot Chip & Dale,  so the kids go over to see them and Molly takes her autograph book out of her bum bag and it’s soaking wet.   I’ve no idea what has happened to it,  but it’s pretty much ruined.  Chip is a good sport and gets a Sharpie from his helper and still signs it,   but it’s not in a good way at all.    The kids agree they will just use Katie’s autograph book for the rest of the day.


They want to ride Buzz first,  we head around there for a fastpass,  but the standby line is only 10 minutes so we just walk on,  and then it’s into my favorite, Carousel of Progress,  this is pure cheese but I love it,   it’s good Disney fun.   Molly is desperate to do Splash Mountain,  so since we are on the opposite side of the park,  we just head straight on over there.  There is a queue so we grab a fastpass and then ride Big Thunder Mountain with no queue,  another walk on.   The parks have all been really quiet,  I had read August was a really horribly busy time to visit but we haven’t found that at all.   Big Thunder is brilliant,  and Molly has a go at putting her hands up in the air and screaming as we go fast.  She is enjoying this.

We are ready for some lunch,  so it’s around to Columbia Harbour House where they have changed the menu.  I  always order 1/2 Tuna Sandwich and cup of chowder,  but it’s no longer available.   So we share a full sandwich and bowl of chowder between us,  the kids have chicken nuggets.   We sit in the air conditioning for a little while and cool off,   and then its round to It’s a Small World,   Oh yes, we hit all the major rides 🙂  I’ve read there are characters in IASW now,  but the only one we can spot is Aladdin’s lamp,   so maybe I need to do some more research and ride it again?

Molly has been having some trouble with her sunglasses,  so she wants to buy a new pair.  She finds the perfect pair in Tink’s shop,   so she buys those and then we head around to the front of the castle for the Dreams show.

It’s getting very very hot now,  I think this is our hottest day so far.  I get a couple of Mickey Bars,   but I can’t find my favorite Toll House Cookie ice cream anywhere.  It appears to be been discontinued in favor of fruit popsicles.

We decide to walk to Frontierland,  watch the parade and then do Splash.   I thought the parade started in Frontierland,  in fact,  I am sure it normally comes down Main Street,  but today it started in Main Street and came around to Frontierland last.   As a result,  we are stood waiting in the heat for a long time,  and it is really really hot.

P1130933 P1130935

We went and cooled off in Pecos Bills a couple of times,  but the parade route is filling up,  and we want to see it,  so we end up sitting in the heat for a while.   This is a new parade,  which is nice as we have seen the snowglobes parade loads of times.   The poor dancers look very hot,  I can’t imagine dancing in this heat for half an hour in full costume.


We do Splash next,  and we are so hot we are all welcoming the relief of getting nice and wet.  Katie is always a little nervous on here,  but she did really well and even kept her eyes open on the drop.  She was really pleased with herself.  As we left the ride,  completely dry of course, there was a little shop and Katie chose some new earrings.  She’s been looking for earrings in every shop and apparently these were just the right pair.

We are very hot and bothered now,   so we head out of the park,   eating Frozen Lemonades as we go.  These are just the ticket,  really tart and refreshing.   We get back to the hotel and get changed for dinner.   We might just nap a little as well,  then we meet up with Dave & Bev for dinner at Applebees.

It starts to rain as we head into Applebees and whilst we are in there,  there rain turns into a massive thunderstorm.  This is the biggest storm we’ve seen this holiday,  but we are safe and dry and eating masses of food so we are quite happy.  The boneless chicken wings are absolutely gorgeous.  We all agree we could have had a massive bowlful of those and nothing else and been quite happy.

For dessert they have small sundaes in shot glasses,   they are really nice so I have 2! Well, they are only small 😉

We spend about 3 hours in Applebees, just chatting and eating and watching the rain.  It’s a very nice evening,  and when we leave its after 9pm which completely surprised me.   We say goodbye to Dave & Bev,  they are flying home in the morning,  but we will see them again,  I am sure.


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