Trip to Orlando – Day 12 – EPCOT

The days are really slipping by quickly now,   and Phil and I are both thinking we need a 3 week trip next time (when next time will be is anyone’s guess…..)  There are just so many things we want to do and not enough hours in the day.

We are all quite tired this morning and really want to sleep late,   however,  we also want to ride Soarin,  and Katie really wants to tackle a Kim Possible mission,   so I rouse the troups.  Molly in particular is not keen on waking up,  in fact,  she is like a dead slug,   but we do eventually manage to get them up and dressed,  heck,  they even bathe which is quite an achievement.   We have some breakfast in the room,  cinnamon toast,  bagels,  cookies,  nutritious stuff to set us up for the day,  and then we head over to Epcot.   It’s raining,  periodically quite hard,  and then it stops,  and then drizzles,  it really doesn’t know what to do with itself.   I debate buying a poncho but decide that in WDW you are never more than 3 feet from a shopping kiosk selling ponchos,  so I will risk it.  The girls both have raincoats so they wear those.   We take the ferry over and it arrives just as we get to the dock,  which is the kind of timing I like to have.    The boat goes directly to Epcot and very shortly we are attempting to enter the park,  and once again Katie and I have trouble with our tickets.  I don’t think we’ve entered a park smoothly yet this trip.   It’s all resolved quickly and we are allowed in,  but it is most strange as we’ve never had any problems with tickets in the past.

As we enter the park,  we see a Kim Possible recruitment station,   so Katie is straight over to request a mission.   We are assigned a mission in Italy at 11.15,   It’s not long after 9,   so we have plenty of time to do Soarin’,    we walk around through England and Canada and I suggest that we try the new O’Canada film later in the day as I’d heard it was very good.    We walk through the rose garden and stop and chat with the gardener who is tending to the roses.  She tells us that she starts work at 4.45am!   but at least she is finished by 12.    She gives us all a rose while we talk to her, and then we head of towards Soarin’ with our roses.    We decide to send Phil in for the fastpasses,  and we wait on a bench for him.   He phones me a few minutes later to say the standby line is only 10 minutes,   so we walk into the Land and meet him,   and walk straight onto Soarin’,   there was barely any queue at all,  the 10 minute was basically the time it takes to walk up to the show.    It is a great show, and we all really enjoy it.   I am afraid of heights but this doesn’t bother me at all,  I find it quite relaxing,  which is bizarre as I asked the cast member how high we really go and he tells me it’s 40 feet.   As we are exiting the show,  Molly asks if we can ride again.   Phil magically produces fast passes for 10 minutes time,  so we take a short bathroom break and then we are straight back onto the ride.   This time I am sat next to a lady who is really scared of heights,  and her family are teasing her that she won’t like it,   but she loves it.  As soon as it takes off she starts laughing and saying how fantastic it is,   it really adds to the ride to hear her experiencing it for the first time.

We once again land back on earth and head out of The Land.  We are headed over to Test Track to collect some fastpasses,   on the way we pass the Character Connection and I hear myself  promise that we will return later.   We pop into MouseGear as Katie wants to get her Pirate Ears embroidered,  but unfortunately they don’t do embroidery at MouseGear.  Whilst we are shopping,  Phil collects the fastpasses.    It’s nearly time for our mission,  so we head over to World Showcase.   The fastest route appears to be a boat to Italy but just as we approach the dock it sails away,   so we resort to walking.   We walk straight through Mexico, Norway and China,  no time for dilly dallying,  we have the world to save!   When we get to Italy,    we find the Kim Possible station and are given a mission.


We have to go to Japan and save the world from some evil robot babies.   The Kimmunicator gives us instructions,   and without giving too much away,    we make a bit of magic happen,  all around Japan,  and eventually find the robot baby and save the planet.     We all really enjoyed this,  so we opted to do another mission in France.   This involved blocking a transmission from the Eiffel Tower,   and rather cleverly our photograph was taken from the Eiffel Tower and displayed on our telephone,   sorry,  Kimmunicator….  Whilst the kids are saving the world,  I make a small detour to buy an eclair.  Well,  when in France,  right?

Still keen,   we head over to a final mission in England,    this is the cleverest one yet,   I can’t claim to understand the plot,  something about golf taking over the world,   but some pretty cool things happen all over the area,  all right under the other tourists noses but obviously this is a secret mission so we make sure we aren’t seen.

The third mission over,   and we decide on a mission of a different kind,   we head inside to see Pooh,  Tigger and Eeyore.   The girls get photos and autographs,  including a photo with all 3 characters at once,  I am hoping that turns out well.

It’s almost time for lunch,  but we have a little time,  so we ride the Figment ride.   As usual there is no queue,   I am wondering if there is ever a queue for this?  Although to be fair,  the park is very quiet today but even on busy days I’ve never queued for Imagination.    This is a run ride,  and we spend a little time playing in the Kodak area afterwards,   and then we walk over to the Coral Reef for lunch.  This is my most anticipated meal of the holiday,  and therefore,  I should know what is going to happen,  right?   We are seated quickly and have a nice table in the middle tier with a good view of the aquarium.   It starts out ok,   Phil has the corn chowder,  I have the lobster bisque and Katie orders corn chowder as well,   however they bring her lobster bisque.  this isn’t a huge problem as they bring her a bowl of chowder and I get to eat 2 bowls of lobster bisque which is absolutely delicious.   Molly have carrot sticks for her starter.  The kids menu here is particularly poor and the only starter choices for kids are veggies sticks or soup.

Before we have finished our starters,  the main courses arrive.  This has only happened to me once before at WDW and I find it incredibly rude.   It really makes you feel they are pushing you out of the door as quickly as possible.   The food is delivered,  and I discover my biggest mistake,  I had ordered ribs,  at least I thought I had ordered ribs but it turned out to be some sort of braised  steak short rib,  and it really wasn’t very nice.   In fact,  it was horrible.   The waitress did offer to bring me another meal ,but by that point everyone had nearly finished eating and I just wanted to leave the restaurant so I didn’t bother.   Phil had Mahi Mahi which he said was ok but he didn’t rave about it,  and both girls have meaty pasta which frankly looked like a school dinner.   I was really not a happy bunny.

I decided to have dessert to try and cheer myself up,   and ordered the Wave which gets rave reviews,  and to be fair,  it was delicious.   Phil had a Bailey’s and Chocolate Mousse which he also loved,  and the kids had make your own sundaes which they also enjoyed.    So basically the starters and desserts were lovely  but the main courses were disappointing,  mine particularly so.  I think it’s mostly my fault for not reading the menu properly,  I presumed ribs meant ribs,   and didn’t even register the word braising,  but it was really braising steak which I don’t particularly care for anyway.   At $100 it was our most expensive meal of the holiday,   which made it all the more disappointing.

After lunch it was time for our Test Track fastpass,  so we headed around there and walk straight in with the fastpasses.  Katie has ridden this before but not for a long time,  and Molly has never been tall enough before,   so it was a fairly new experience,  it’s certainly new that all 4 of us can go on a ride together.   Katie is a little bit nervous in the briefing room when they describe all the tests,  but she gets in the car with no bother and we are off.  I end up in the middle seat which only has a lap belt,  that adds a certain degree of terror to the ride!   It’s a good ride and we all love it,  I glance back at one point and Molly is laughing her head off,   she seems to like the speed test!  As we leave the ride,  they are showing ride photos but ours never appears.  I am a bit disappointed as this is one photo you can add to your Photopass card,   but the CM sends me round to another desk and they are able to retrieve it and we add it to our card.

it’s now time to leave the park as we need to do some shopping,  apparently someone has a birthday tomorrow,  although we keep teasing her that it’s just an ordinary Thursday,  but she is not daft and she knows it’s her birthday.  She’s quite worried as we haven’t bought any presents yet.  😉  and as she keeps informing me,  it’s not a birthday without presents.  I just keep telling her it’s an ordinary Thursday,  she’s not amused.

On the way out,  Molly gets completely drenched in a water fountain,   Katie opts to sit on the bench and watch.  I’m kind of disappointed,  Katie’s always played in these fountains in the past,  but I guess she’s getting too sensible for such silliness these days.


We get the boat back to the boardwalk,   and go up to our room to change Molly and have a rest.   To be honest,  I could use a nap and a lazy evening,  but it really is Molly’s birthday tomorrow and we must do some shopping.

First stop is Premium Outlets,   We are most confused when we get here,   it’s about twice as big as the last time we visited!   We don’t want to spend hours here,  so make a quick list of must visit stores,  and go into the Character Warehouse first.  I’d hoped for a few bits for Molly’s birthday but don’t really see anything she’d like.  They do have some nice Cruise t-shirts  and I am tempted  but decide I’d probably not wear them at home so they stay behind as well.  In fact,  we leave with nothing.

I stop into the Bass shop next, and they are having a massive sale,  everything is 50% off and then somethings are 50% off the 50% off price.   There were a lot of confused customers!   I went in for a pair of shoes but came out with a handbag,   it’s lovely leather and was $30 reduced from $60,  I thought for £20ish  it was a real bargain.

We check out Eddie Bauer but buy nothing,  and then round to the Crocs shop,  this is the main reason for visiting Premium Outlets,  my Scutes are about 5 years old and they have gone all soft and floppy so I want a new pair.   Unfortunately I am informed Scutes have been discontinued.  They have lots of really random shoes,  high heels,   proper shoes with canvas tops,   walking sandals,   but they only have a few pairs of Scutes and they are mostly size 11s or bright red,   so I leave without any crocs.  😦    I am quite disappointed,   I have lived in my Scutes for the past few years and really wanted a new pair.

Katie pops into Claires and buys herself an earring holder,  and then we head out of the Premium Outlet and down to Walmart.  As we walk in I suggest that Phil and Molly go shopping and Katie and I go shopping,   Phil tells me he doesn’t need anything.   I give him a quick glare,  and remembers he wanted to look at some t-shirts,   so with Molly out of the way Katie and I head back to the Toy Department.  It’s really pathetically small and I’m a bit gutted,  I am sure we have seem much bigger Walmart Toy departments in the past,  but that was possibly closer to Christmas.    We do managed to find a few things we think she will like,   she’s asked for surprises and arty things,  so she gets a lot of arty things including a box of Crayola crayons with over 96 colours in it. I think that’s pretty cool,    I hope Molly agrees.

Katie and I look for a cake in the Bakery section,  they have quite a few but they are mostly enormous and very sickly looking,  however they have a couple of very small cakes and we find one with Hannah Montana on it,  so we get that.  I think it will meet with her approval.

We manage to get it back into the car without her seeing,  and head back to the Boardwalk with a small detour to Denny’s for tea.

Once at the Boardwalk,  I stop at the Concierge desk to ask for a Birthday Badge,   or course Molly being Molly will not go away,   so she keeps appearing to see what I am doing.   The CM is most amused by her.

We get back to the room,  and Phil puts Molly to bed in our bed,  whilst Katie and I wrap presents and hang some birthday banners.   Apparently,  tomorrow is not just an ordinary Thursday after all.

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